WWE: What Would Kids Ask Wrestlers?

Scotty MillerCorrespondent IJune 3, 2009

1. Chris Benoit

"How did you lose your tooth?"


2. Eddie Guerrero

"Did you used to cheat in school?"


3. Hulk Hogan

"What are steroids?"


4. Shawn Michaels

"How do you Suck It?"


5. Triple H

"Can you teach me how to spit water?"


6. Booker T

"What is a sucka?"


7. The Rock

"Oops, I just farted. Can you smell it?"


8. Umaga

"Whatever happened to Jamal?"


9. Bill Goldberg

"Who's next?"


10. Cactus Jack

"Why was Mankind champion and you weren't?"


11. John Cena

"Why don't you wrestle?"


12. Stone Cold Steve Austin

"What's your favorite kind of beer?"


13. Candice Michelle

"Are those real?"


14. Lita

"Whose better in bed, Matt or Edge?"


15. Jeff Hardy

"What's up with the rainbow-colored hair?"


16. Rob Van Dam

"What does 4:20 mean?"


17. Mr. McMahon

"Do you like getting your butt kissed?"