Was Cam Cameron Right With The Selection Of Ted Ginn?

Brant HoughtonContributor IJune 3, 2009

MIAMI - NOVEMBER 23:  Wide receiver Greg Camarillo #83 of the Miami Dolphins celebrates with Ted Ginn Jr. #19 after his touchdown catch in the first quarter against the New England Patriots at Dolphin Stadium on November 23, 2008 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

For once Dolphins Fans, Cam Cameron might have been right on one of his moves in his very short stint with the Miami Dolphins. The selection of Ted Ginn Jr. was criticized by many and all of Dolphins fans, and Cameron and general manager Randy Mueller were added to the list of Miami's most hated. So was Ted Ginn for no apparent reason.

After all, was it really his fault that he was selected over Brady Quinn by the Dolphins? No, it just got him more money in his rookie contract.

So, now that Ted Ginn is entering his third year as a player, the year that most wide receivers develop into productive players, expect Ginn to finally produce. Last year he showed improvements.

He had 175 yards against the Buffalo Bills, in leading the Dolphins to victory, and two HUGE touchdown grabs. He caught 56 receptions and played every game last year. That is the type of player that you want on your team, durable, and a hard worker that is willing to improve.

Recently, in the past minicamp in fact, head coach Tony Sparano said praised Ginn in saying "Ted Ginn right now, if you said to me, 'Tell the me the player that in the seven or eight practices we've had has impressed you the most,' Ted Ginn is in the top two right now," Sparano said. "The way he's handling himself out there and the way the offense has started to slow down for him that way. I've seen him in some situations be pretty dominant."

Wow, I would never have expected Sparano to praise Ginn that high in his whole career! Ginn as a dominant receiver? That is an even bigger praise, and the fact that the game is finally starting to slow down for Ginn is amazing.

Maybe this is the reason why the Trifecta never went after a true number one receiver, because Ginn is ready to finally step up.

With the draft selections of Vontae Davis and Sean Smith, many people are comparing them to the next Sam Madison and Patrick Surtain, only better. Well, what if Ginn, and Greg Camarillo or Patrick Turner step up and become the next Oronde Gadsden and O.J. McDuffie?

The way that the staff has organized this group of wide receivers is amazing. Gadsden and McDuffie may not have been the best receiver duo, but they were solid enough to be one of the best receiving duos in Dolphins history. There are many options at receiver to keep the starters honest, and to challenge them.

This is what Ginn needs, and what he did not get in his rookie season, competition.

Back to Ginn. Ginn, who measures up at 5'11, 180 is not exactly the intimidating force that strikes fear into opposing cornerbacks, but he is quick as lightning, and has an incredible vertical leap, with a 9.9" jump.

He may have the size that Ernest Wilford does, but he is fast, and in order to be dominant, he needs to use that speed to capitalize on one of his only advantages over defenders.

Last year during both offseason workouts and the pre-season games, Ginn was also drawing hype for his good play.

Well, now that it is Ginn's third year, people will be expecting the light bulb to go on, and until Ginn shows that he can produce the way that he did in the Buffalo game week in and week out (only without all of the yards) opposing coaches will not waste their time at night thinking up a game plan for Ginn, but a game plan for everybody else. 

That is what Ginn needs to prove to everybody. Pleasing and impressing his coach is only half the battle, and while sportswriters around South Beach are struck in wonderment as they watch Ginn continue to impress, it will be the real games, the games on the NFL's toughest schedule that prove to the fans everywhere whether or not Ginn is the real deal, or just the bust that everybody thought he was the second Cam Cameron drafted him.