Kobe Vs. Lebron: Looking Back On The Puppet Mania

MR. MARKCorrespondent IMarch 14, 2017


Despite these two not hooking up in the Finals, you have to hand it to Nike for coming up with one of the most clever and entertaining NBA commercials of all time.

It doesn't even matter if this was the matchup your were looking forward to or not. Only the extremely stale and bitter, could have possibly scowled when these two dudes came on screen.


The main intent behind the gimmick was to advertise Nike's LeBron and Kobe lines. To allow Nike's Zoom Kobe IV and Zoom Lebron VI basketball shoes to fly off the shelves.



But despite it's intended purpose, Nike's puppets have come to mean so much more. These two puppets represent all the hype and the lore, about who is really the best player within the NBA.

The Black Mamba or The King?


Unlike that God forbid screaming Heineken commerical, these two guys lighted up the screen like their actual real life counterparts.


Kobe Bryant's puppet showed that he still reigned supreme around the block.


While LeBron James showed that he is indeed the king of the league.


Nobody in our lifetime will ever forget about Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. We won't forget about these obnoxious puppets for a while, either.

And besides it's only a matter of time before the puppets of James and Bryant grace the TV once more.