Daniel Bryan Will Make Bray Wyatt a Star as Part of the Wyatt Family

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 9, 2014

Photo courtesy WWE.com

When Daniel Bryan's storyline with Randy Orton and The Authority was pulled late last year, many wondered what was next for the Superstar who had become so loved by WWE fans.

For a guy who was so over, what was the next logistical step after moving away from the championship picture? Few would have suggested a rivalry with Bray Wyatt. After all, Wyatt had just recently finished a program with Kane that ended in, well, nothing. The Wyatt Family had kidnapped Kane at SummerSlam and the rivalry had completely disintegrated.

There seemed to be little purpose in putting one of the top stars in the company together with a guy who was struggling to break through. However, it appears as though creative is in the midst of creating a compelling rivalry.

The big swerve occurred a couple of weeks ago when the Wyatts finally lured Bryan into their grasp after weeks of close encounters. For a rivalry that looked to be descending into nothing, WWE's creative team timed the swerve at almost the perfect time.

Few people saw it coming, and it will serve as the perfect platform for both Bryan and Wyatt to take their careers to new heights. Whilst Bryan could conceivably have thrived without Bray and this current storyline, the man formerly known as Husky Harris will reap the rewards from this rivalry in the future.

For the WWE creative team to align a Superstar with as much momentum as Daniel Bryan has is a clear signal that the plans for Bray Wyatt are huge. There is nobody in recent memory who has generated a reaction from the crowd like Bryan—and for creative to put the two together suggests big things for Bray.

It is likely that the storyline between the two could well culminate at the Royal Rumble, arguably the second-biggest pay-per-view of the year. If Bryan gets his revenge on Wyatt at the Rumble and perhaps even goes on to win the 30-man Battle Royal, it would motivate Wyatt to exact his revenge.

There is even the possibility that Wyatt and his family will screw Bryan in the Royal Rumble, leaving him outside the ring whilst his new family looks on. That would no doubt cause a huge reaction from the crowd in attendance. For a guy with the momentum of Bryan to be eliminated in such a twist, it would put immense heat on Bray, which could only be a good thing for his future rivalries moving forward.

Creative seems to have stumbled across a storyline miracle by placing Bryan and Wyatt together. The latter will thrive from the storyline—just as he should have done from his previous feuds. And it says a lot about Daniel Bryan and his standing in the wrestling industry that he can make another man a star just by aligning himself with him—and that is exactly what will happen.

The beautiful thing about it all is that nobody knows what will happen next. In the WWE, that is storyline gold, and it will continue to crank up the interest in both men as the days and months go on.

As we head toward the Royal Rumble, Bryan and Wyatt will both continue to seize the moment as their momentum grows in this current storyline. If their feud culminates at the Rumble, Wyatt will have big plans heading into WrestleMania 30.