Javier Hernandez: 5 Reasons Why Chicharito Won't Leave Manchester United

Karla Villegas Gama@karlitsvFeatured ColumnistJanuary 10, 2014

Javier Hernandez: 5 Reasons Why Chicharito Won't Leave Manchester United

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    Javier Hernandez's future with Manchester United has been uncertain since Alex Ferguson left the team last year. But despite this issue, Chicharito will stay with the Red Devils.

    There have been numerous rumours about a possible transfer. Hernandez has been linked to Arsenal, Tottenham, Inter Milan and even Cardiff City.

    With the World Cup closer than ever, one would think that a move to another club would suit the Mexican striker, but here are five reasons why that will not happen anytime soon.

He Is Finally Getting Playing Time...

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    Until early December, Hernandez had not played in more than three successive games, and he had only scored four times, his lowest record since he joined the club in 2010.

    Gradually, Chicharito has spent more time on the pitch. His finishing skills, combined with several teammates' injuries (Robin van Persie, Wayne Rooney and Danny Welbeck), led coach David Moyes to use the Mexican seven times in the past month.

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And He Is Taking Advantage of It

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    On January 5, 2013, Hernandez scored his sixth FA Cup goal since he arrived in Manchester and his first since October, when he put the ball away twice against Norwich in the Capital One Cup on October 29.

    Chicharito is not only scoring, he is also helping his teammates. In December he had two assists; the first against Stoke City, in the Capital One Cup, and the second in front of Norwich, in the Premier League; United won both games.

    Between September and November, Hernandez seemed desperate to score and wasted valuable chances on a regular basis. Instead of passing the ball, he wanted to finish every play.

    However, it seems like he is getting his confidence back and is recovering his goal-scoring knack.

He Keeps Working Hard Despite the Circumstances

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    Hernandez may have not played much in the first half of the season, but that was precisely what pushed him to train harder.

    In a recent article published in Manchester United’s website, goalkeeper David de Gea praised Hernandez’s compromise.

    We help each other, he tries to make it difficult for me and I try to make it difficult for him. We always do our best and he's a player who gives his all in training.

    He is one of the most professional players I have known over the course of my career. He is truly a great player and a good friend.

David Moyes Wants Him on the Team...

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    Rumours may come and go, but David Moyes has been clear about Hernandez's future. He wants to have the Mexican on his team.

    In November, Moyes said in a press conference:

    We need Javier Hernandez; he's very good for us. He's scored a lot of goals over the last few years and continues to do so, so we'll continue to use him.

    The next month, Joe Bernstein of the Daily Mail reported that the Manchester United coach was not about to change his attacking line.

And He Actually Wants to Stay

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    The player's agent, Eduardo Hernandez (no relation), backed Moyes' declarations.

    During a meeting with Mexican media, he acknowledged that several clubs were hoping to sign the striker, but neither Chicharito nor United were interested.

    It is clear that Hernandez believes that his place is with the Red Devils. This is not the first time he has been offered a gig with other clubs, which has come with the promise of playing regularly.

    As tempting as they have been, Chicharito has turned them all down because he wants to earn the starting position with his side.