Minnesota Vikings: A Quick Way To Solve The Quarterback Problem

Andy RAnalyst IJune 3, 2009

24 Oct 1999:  A banner for the Minnesota Vikings is run past the crowd during the game against San Francisco 49ers at the Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Vikings defeated the 49ers 40-16. Mandatory Credit: Tom Pidgeon  /Allsport

The Vikings are a quarterback away from being a Super Bowl contender...

Yeah, like us Vikings' fans couldn't figure that out for ourselves.

In November of 1999, a high school quarterback, who threw 32 touchdowns and 2,506 yards that season, led his team to its first of back-to-back 5A championship football teams. The quarterback would eventually lead his team to the school's first state football championship.

His senior year was even more impressive. He threw for 3,022 yards and 41 touchdowns completing an insane 84 percent of his passes. Although he couldn't quite pull his team to its second state championship in a row, he was named the Gatorade National Player of the Year, USA Today's Player of the Year, and was an ESPN High School All-American.

The quarterback in question earned a full-ride scholarship to Florida State. It's every young high schooler's dream. How great would it be to play for one of the best football teams in America?

Instead, the player decided against college all together. After all, when you have the opportunity to be drafted number one overall in baseball for the team you grew up cheering for, how could you pass the opportunity up?

That's exactly what Joe Mauer did.

The Minnesota Twins' star catcher has lived up to and gone beyond all expectations in his baseball career thus far. He became the first catcher in the history of Major League Baseball to lead both league's in batting average in 2006 and the first to win two batting titles in 2008.

What would have happened had Mauer played for Florida State?

Well, he wouldn't have been on the Vikings' roster, that's for sure. He would still have been a quality quarterback I think.

If I'm in the Vikings' front office, I make the call and offer him triple what he's making right now (which is about $10.5 million). No way would the Twins be able to match it.

How exciting would that be? Minnesota's very own and most current celebrated celebrity playing for the team that we all love most. He's only 26, which is when most quarterback's are just hitting the prime's of their careers. PERFECT!

If I'm Brad Childress, I make the attempt (to no avail, of course) to bring Mauer to my beloved Vikings.

He has the ability to play the position, there's no question. But does he have what it takes in the NFL today? I want to know.

I've only seen Mauer actually pissed once in his baseball career. He was intentionally thrown at near the head on the first pitch. He didn't react to it, but he sure reacted to the second pitch that sailed behind his back. He gave the pitcher a stare down that I will never forget.

Mauer has a rocket arm and is one of the more accurate catchers in baseball. He's calm under pressure which is exactly what the Vikings need. He doesn't get rattled and pulls through when the game is on the line.

He could even where No. 7! We'll just trade Tarvaris for a seventh-round draft pick if we can get it.

Mauer to the Vikings! It has a good ring to it, doesn't it?