Former Bengal Says Ochocinco Is Numero Uno in the Distraction Department

John BreechCorrespondent IOctober 17, 2016

It's probably safe to say that most Cincinnati fans have never been to, but now that Eric Ghiaciuc is in Kansas City, Bengals fans may want to start bookmarking the page.

The site published some interesting quotes Monday from the former lineman, who was asked about Chad Ochocinco.

Here's the exact quote from the site: "As much as you try to focus on football with your day-to-day routine of meetings, lifting, walk-throughs, practices, games, you can focus, but it's still there," Ghiaciuc said of the distractions.

"It's like when you turn your head, it's still behind you. I think we were doing our best to focus on what needed to be focused on in our profession, but it was there and it was a bit of a problem."

Most Bengals fans will simply shrug this off as sour grapes. Ghiaciuc, who spent four-years in Cincinnati before signing with Kansas City this offseason, doesn't have a big following in the Queen City after he anchored a porous Bengals offensive line that surrendered 51 sacks last season.

If Ochocinco were so inclined, he could simply point out that the Bengals best season during Ghiaciuc's tenure was 2005 when the then-rookie only started one game.

Ocho could also point out that the Bengals worst season during Ghiaciuc's stay with the team was 2008 when Ghiaciuc started 16 games for the first and only time in his career.

It Ghiaciuc plays anything like he did last season, new Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel may just want to go ahead and put himself on the disabled list.