Best MMA Quotes of 2013

Jordy McElroy@ IJanuary 9, 2014

Best MMA Quotes of 2013

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    Chael Sonnen
    Chael SonnenEsther Lin/MMAFighting

    The old adage is that some things are better left unsaid, but honestly, where’s the fun in that?

    An actual sport along with a pinch of theatrics has turned MMA into the world’s fastest growing sport.

    Of course, we all look forward to seeing the best fighters on the planet compete against one another, but where would combat sports be without a little bad blood and some pre- and post-fight trash talk here and there?

    Muhammad Ali, who is arguably the greatest boxer of all time, was notorious for raising the stakes of semi-relevant bouts with just a few seconds in front of a microphone. This is in no way, shape or form insisting that everything coming out of a fighter’s mouth equates to pro wrestling promos or outrageous banter.

    There are times when fighters say things that inspire individuals from all walks of life. Other times, things are said that are so shocking you have to listen five more times just to make sure your brain processed the statement correctly.

    Here, we pay homage to the best MMA quotes of 2013. Be sure to post some of your favorite quotes we might have missed in the comment section below. 

Chael Sonnen Pays Jon Jones the Highest Compliment

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    Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen
    Jon Jones and Chael SonnenEsther Lin/MMAFighting

    I don’t think he understands how good he is. For him to pay tribute to Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali earlier was a very nice thing for him to do, but the reality is that Jon Jones could beat Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali in the same day.

    It’s one thing to be compared to boxing greats Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson, but Chael Sonnen took things a step further by claiming UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones could beat them both in the same night, in an interview with Bleacher Report's Trent Reinsmith.

    Compliments don’t get any higher than that in combat sports.

Junior Dos Santos Loves Him Some Miesha Tate

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    Junior Dos Santos
    Junior Dos SantosEsther Lin/MMAFighting

    I was impressed on how Miesha is gorgeous. Not that Ronda isn’t beautiful, but let’s say she’s more regular. She’s cute. But Miesha is really gorgeous. Have you seen here already? On TV, I thought she was normal, but when I met her...My God!

    It was infatuation at first sight when Junior Dos Santos laid his eyes on UFC women’s bantamweight contender Miesha Tate.

    The former heavyweight champ gushed about the brunette bombshell when he met her during a promotional campaign. During an interview with UOL Esporte (h/t, he called Tate “gorgeous.”

    As for Ronda Rousey, Dos Santos thought she was a “regular” and "cute."

Dana White vs. Vince McMahon

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    Dana White
    Dana WhiteEsther Lin/MMAFighting

    I've never said this before ever in an interview. If Vince hears this, he's going to go nuts. Vince is too old, which he won't think he is and he'll go crazy. Vince wanted to fight me. He called me up and said, "Let's do it. We can either do it in the UFC or let's do it at WrestleMania.'

    To think, we were so close to witnessing Dana White dust off the old compression shorts and step into the cage with Vince McMahon.

    The World Wrestling Entertainment CEO challenged White to a fight either in the UFC or at WrestleMania, pro wrestling’s Super Bowl event. White quickly shot down the offer and cited that McMahon was “too old” to be fighting, according to Canadian website RDS.

Nick Diaz Accuses UFC of Selling 'Wolf Tickets'

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    Nick Diaz
    Nick DiazEsther Lin/MMAFighting

    They're selling you [fans and media] all wolf tickets people, you're eating them right up. Georges here is selling wolf tickets. Dana here is selling wolf tickets. The UFC is selling wolf tickets. You guys are eating them right up...Can I get one buttered up, photoshopped picture in a magazine or on a poster? They can do better than that, but they're not worried about it.

    People may not like it, but Nick Diaz wasn't afraid to tell it like it is at the UFC 158 pre-fight press conference.

    The controversial UFC star was painted as the villain leading up to his showdown with welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre in March. All of the UFC 158 promo campaigns centered on Diaz’s wild antics and potty mouth putdowns, while St-Pierre was shown in a more positive light.

    Those who know Diaz personally can vouch for him being a stand-up guy, but sadly, his actions in front of the media and fans do little to help his cause. It’s like a perpetual soap opera that always ends in a train wreck.

Wanderlei Silva Goes All Vampire on Chael Sonnen

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    Wanderlei Silva
    Wanderlei SilvaEsther Lin/MMAFighting

    Jon Jones and Anderson [Silva] have been too nice to Chael. I want to suck his blood. I want to smell it. Not just fight. Not just fight. I want to hurt him.

    First Wanderlei Silva wanted to “f--- Chuck,” and now he wants to suck and smell Chael Sonnen’s blood? MMA journalist Ariel Helwani reported this quote from Silva during an episode of UFC Tonight (h/t MMA Fighting). 

    There seems to be a real life True Blood complex going on in “The Axe Murderer’s” head.

Ronda Rousey Credits Miesha Tate's 'Nice Ass' for the Rematch

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    Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey
    Miesha Tate and Ronda RouseyEsther Lin/MMAFighting

    "Miesha has a nice ass, and she has an ongoing rivalry with me and that's the only reason why she's in this fight," Ronda Rousey said on The Jim Rome Show.

    Initially, Rousey was set to defend her UFC bantamweight title against Cat Zingano, but Zingano had to pull out after tearing her ACL in training.

    Rousey’s longtime rival Miesha Tate got the call instead. Tate was a former champion coming off a loss to Zingano, and considering her bad blood with Rousey, the rematch made sense from a promoter’s perspective.

    To Rousey, it was a complete mismatch on paper that made no sense at all. She even went as far as to credit Tate’s “nice ass” as a main reason for her title shot.

Chael Sonnen Crosses the Line

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    Chael Sonnen
    Chael SonnenEsther Lin/MMAFighting

    I've never seen anybody in the history of America get so rich and so famous off of having complete wimps throw a punch at their faces, and I know what you're saying. You’re saying, 'Well, it's happened before, what about Rihanna?'

    Chael Sonnen habitually steps over the line, but he might have taken things a bit to the extreme when he made light of domestic violence on Fox Sports (h/t Deadspin).

    When talking about boxer Floyd Mayweather, the UFC middleweight likened him to Rihanna for getting rich and famous “off of having complete wimps throw a punch" at his face.

    It was one of those uncomfortable moments where you hear something clever, but you’re forced to refrain from chuckling due to the serious undertone of the joke.

    Sonnen issued an apology shortly after.

Vitor Belfort Wants 'Clown' Chael Sonnen to 'Go Home'

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    Take that punk Chael Sonnen...I don't even know your name and get it out. Dana, Lorenzo, take him out. Let me fight Jon Jones. I need that rematch. Get that clown away. Go home, you did a reality show. Go home, let me fight the real champion, champion against the champion, not that clown. 

    Vitor Belfort was so annoyed with Chael Sonnen that he went as far as referring to the self-proclaimed “Oregon Gangster” as an “it.”

    After a spectacular knockout win over Luke Rockhold, Belfort went off in his post-fight interview with UFC commentator Joe Rogan about Sonnen being nothing more than an undeserving “punk” and “clown.”

Dana White Backs Uriah Hall for Punching Mayhem Miller

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    Dana White
    Dana WhiteEsther Lin/MMAFighting

    "F--- no!!! I'm gonna give him a bonus!!!" tweeted Dana White, after UFC fighter Uriah Hall threw a punch at former MMA fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller after Miller taunted him with racial slurs.

    White isn’t a supporter of his fighters getting into altercations outside the Octagon, but there are times when he admittedly “doesn’t give a sh-t,” per a media conference call with Bleacher Report.

    When asked about a potential disciplinary action taken against Hall, White pushed the question aside as nonsense and even joked about giving Hall a bonus.

Year of Conor McGregor

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    Conor McGregor
    Conor McGregorEsther Lin/MMAFighting

    All I know is, when the door shut and the bell rings, no one does it better than me. I walk the walk, I don't just talk the f--- talk. I'm going to walk through that entire top 10.

    The year 2013 will be remembered as Conor McGregor’s coming-out party. After a few fighters took exception to his opinionated comments and tweets, he went on The MMA Hour (h/t MMA Fighting) to set the record straight.

    Things have taken off for the Irish fighter since he made his UFC debut in April. With only two UFC bouts under his belt, he is already one of the most talked-about fighters in the world.

    It’s like Brock Lesnar all over again.

    McGregor’s fame and notoriety mostly stem from his charismatic personality and bravado, which is unlike anything fans have ever seen.

Ben Askren on Being Boycotted by 'Bald-Headed Fat Man' Dana White

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    Ben Askren
    Ben AskrenWill Fox/

    In all honesty, I think if you put a 15-man tournament together, I think I could be the best fighter in the world right now. I’m not going to get a chance to prove that because one bald-headed fat man chooses not to let me in.

    World-class fighting skills aren’t enough to get you into the UFC, especially if you manage to upset the man who would be signing your paychecks.

    Ben Askren is without a doubt one of the best welterweights on the planet, but he may never get an opportunity to prove it. Simply put, White isn’t a fan of Askren.

    Instead of fighting elsewhere and attempting to mend fences, Askren further escalated the situation by referring to White as a “bald-headed fat man” to Steven Marrocco of MMA Junkie.

Ronda Rousey Thinks She Could Beat Cain Velasquez

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    Ronda Rousey
    Ronda RouseyEsther Lin/MMAFighting

    In any given moment, under the right circumstance, I think it is possible. You cannot tell me that it is physically impossible. It is possible that in any given moment that I could beat him. I simply believe in my possibilities.

    Ronda Rousey is the most confident woman on the planet. She is so self-assured that she even dared to claim to Spanish newspaper Hoy (h/t Yahoo! Sports) that she could beat UFC heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez.

    Tons of hate and criticism resulted from this quote, but only a fighter can understand the importance of having an undying belief in one’s self, regardless of the odds.

Don Frye Gives His Take on the Current Generation of MMA Fighters

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    I think [current fighters] are a bunch of sissies. I think they should be wearing purses and have them paint their damn toenails, what the hell is that all about? They should be putting on makeup and lipstick and prancing around in high heels. They probably do it half the time anyways when they’re training.

    There is never a dull moment when Don Frye gets an opportunity to speak.

    The MMA legend spoke with MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant last year about the current generation of fighters. Needless to say, he isn’t impressed in the least.

    The manliest sport in the world has now been replaced with “purses, painted toenails, makeup, lipstick and high heels.”

Unlucky Tweet Predicts UFC 168 Conclusion

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    Anderson Silva
    Anderson SilvaEsther Lin/MMAFighting

    "Break a leg tomorrow! Hopefully not yours!"

    Similar to Tim Tebow’s near perfect BCS title game prediction, Australian actor Tim Reuben unintentionally predicted the outcome of the highly anticipated rematch between UFC middleweights Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva at UFC 168.

    Before the fight, Reuben encouraged Silva to “break a leg,” an omen for good luck in the theatre world. Imagine how shocked Reuben must have been when Silva actually broke his leg in the fight.

Uncle Dana Is Coming for the Money, Ken

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    Ken Shamrock tried to sue us. Ken Shamrock owes me $175,000, and I’m coming for it, Ken. I’m coming for the f—ing money, you piece of s–t. You should have stayed wherever you were, hidden under the f—ing porch somewhere.

    Uncle Sam is the last person Shamrock needs to be worried about.

    It’s hard not to crack a smile when UFC president Dana White goes on a verbal tirade from time to time. One of those golden moments came during a promotional tour for UFC 168 in an interview with Fight Hub TV.

    UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock isn’t a stranger to dissing the UFC for what he believes to be insufficient payouts to contracted fighters. According to White, the MMA legend tried to sue the UFC, but he ended up losing and owing attorney’s fees instead.

Forrest Griffin on Being Productive

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    Forrest Griffin
    Forrest GriffinEsther Lin/MMAFighting

    What I like to tell people is the earlier in the day you work out, the more productive you are. The earlier in the day you have sex, the less productive you are.

    Who doesn’t love Forrest Griffin?

    The recently retired UFC fighter appeared on The MMA Hour (h/t MMA Fighting) and dropped a little life lesson for those seeking to be more productive.

Chael Sonnen Picks on Lil Nog

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    Chael Sonnen
    Chael SonnenEsther Lin/MMAFighting

    "Maybe Dos Santos can lend Lil Nog his heart while his face heals...He's the "Carmen Sandiego" of MMA," tweeted Chael Sonnen, poking fun at Lil Nog after his most recent bout withdrawal.

    Antonio Rogerio Nogueira seems to pull out of more fights than he actually competes in.

    The Top 10 UFC light heavyweight has been plagued with a series of injuries that has held him to only three fights in nearly three years.

    Sonnen, who is no stranger to the Nogueira brothers, immediately took to Twitter to rattle his cage.

GSP Gives Nick Diaz a Life Lesson

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    Georges St-Pierre
    Georges St-PierreEsther Lin/MMAFighting

    Let me tell you something, uneducated fool. Listen to me. I have not always been rich. I start from the bottom. I made myself, I work very hard to be where I am right now. I know you don’t believe this, because you didn’t succeed yet, and maybe you will never succeed in your life because I don’t think you’re smart enough to understand how you should do to reach that point. ...If you are where you are right now and I am where I am, it's not my fault that you didn't succeed.

    Nick Diaz is one of the most talented fighters in the world, but sadly, he has never lived up to his full potential.

    Instead of owning up to his own shortcomings, the former Strikeforce champ has always been quick to blame others and circumstance for everything that went wrong in his professional career. During the pre-fight press conference for UFC 158, Georges St-Pierre gave Diaz the harsh reality of life.

    Coming from such a humble and typically passive individual as St-Pierre, it was a message Diaz should have taken to heart.

Anderson Silva Announces His Return to the World

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    "I back."

    Never have two words meant so much to an entire fanbase.

    After nearly a seven-year title reign, Anderson Silva was finally ousted from the middleweight throne by Chris Weidman in one of the most shocking upsets in UFC history.

    The fight was hardly any different from Silva’s previous bouts. He attempted to juke and jive like Neo from The Matrix, but unfortunately, he jived a bit too far and ended up plastered on the canvas courtesy of a left hook.

    After initially declining to do a rematch, Silva appeared in a promotional video on YouTube, announcing his return to form. Fans all around the world rejoiced as a more focused and determined Silva seemed prepared to recapture his throne.

Nick Diaz vs. 40-Year-Old Soccer Mom

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    Nick Diaz
    Nick DiazEsther Lin/MMAFighting

    I pull up to a stoplight the other day and some f---ing 40-year-old lady, some soccer mom sticks her head out the window and she's like, 'I hope GSP beats your ass!' We're in f---ing Lodi, bitch! I'm like, 'Are you serious?'

    If you didn’t already know by now, women love Georges St-Pierre, especially 40-year-old soccer moms. Nick Diaz learned that lesson the hard way when he pulled up to a stoplight a few days out from his UFC welterweight title fight with St-Pierre.

    Diaz told the story during a UFC 158 media call.

    Needless to say, the soccer mom got her wish. St-Pierre went on to defeat Diaz in a lopsided unanimous decision.