Why Pro Wrestling Articles Should Be Banned from Bleacher Report

Jeremy KaufmanSenior Analyst IJune 3, 2009

NEW YORK - APRIL 28:  Actress Sherri Shepherd smacks WWE wrestler dolph Ziggler during a match between Ziggler and M.V.P at WWE SmackDown at Madison Square Garden on April 28, 2009 in New York City.  (Photo by George Napolitano/Getty Images)

Over the past year, Bleacher Report has made tremendous strides in transforming from a mundane blog to a legitimate sports news source that is worthy of acknowledgement by those within the profession in sports journalism. However, there is still one major step that Bleacher Report must take before it can ever move towards becoming a true source of sports journalism. That step is the banning of professional wrestling from the site.

Now, I have little doubt that the aforementioned statement has just made quite a few people very, very mad. After all, there seems to be a great number of professional wrestling fans on the site, as alluded to by the numerous wrestling articles that have made the front page of our site in recent weeks.

So, in spite of its popularity, why is it that I wish to see professional wrestling exiled from the realm of Bleacher Report? I’ll tell you why.


Professional wrestling is not a sport!

That’s right. I know it may hurt some of you to hear this, but professional wrestling is truly not a sport. While the actual sport of wrestling is one in which hard working athletes compete on the mat at the high school, college, and Olympic levels, professional wrestling is an entertainment event created for the purpose of fueling the cravings for violence of immature adolescents and adults.

Just in case the violence isn’t enough, professional wrestling expands its audience by including the presence of barely dressed women who’s primary purpose is to arouse the typically young audience.

Without any question, this event is certainly not a sport. If you are a fan of professional wrestling, you have every right to continue to enjoy it, but do not attempt to pass it off as a sport. Broadway articles are not featured on Bleacher Report. Neither should professional wrestling.


It Promotes unsportsmanlike violence

As a fan and athlete within the sports of boxing and MMA, I take great offense to the phony violence that I witness in professional wrestling.

While athletes within the boxing and MMA communities spend years of their life learning the technique and philosophy behind their powerful attacks and counter-attacks, professional wrestlers fight their way to victory through fake punches, jumps off a rope, and by slamming their victim in the head with a chair that is oh-so-conveniently left available by the side of the ring.

Despite its foundation of martial arts principles and disciplinary philosophies, MMA has received a great deal of criticism through the general public as a result of the perceived violence that the sport allows. However, professional wrestling tries its hardest to portray the very level of violence that boxing and MMA try so hard to avoid, through the utilization of ambushes, weapons, and attacks that would typically be life-threatening if they were real.

Such brute violence has no place in sports, whether it's real or not. This is yet another reason why I believe we shouldn’t allow professional wrestling articles on this site.


Absence of athletic competition

A sport can loosely be defined as any physical activity in which two different entities compete for victory. However, who is actually competing in a professional wrestling match?

It is a well known fact that the outcomes of professional wrestling matches are fixed, and, therefore, it is quite clear that neither “actor” is truly competing. Rather, they are simply trying to put on a good show for the crowd, essentially working together so that they both earn their paychecks at the end of the week.

Without competition, an activity cannot be considered a sport. In baseball, when the World Series outcome was fixed due to the Black Sox scandal, the sport was nearly destroyed forever. This clearly shows that we cannot allow any activity with a fixed conclusion into our athletic community.


Promotion of steroids

Arguably, the greatest issue with our era of sports is the utilization of steroids by professional athletes.

While attention has been paid more to baseball athletes than anyone else, it is clear that steroids are becoming a greater problem in our society, and this problem is permeating to the young men who grow up idolizing these athletes in our communities.

More and more, high school and college-aged young men are turning to steroids, be it for athletic performance, appearance, or merely to help suppress their insecurities. While the dominance of baseball and football players who have taken steroids is bad enough of a problem as it is, the indirect promotion of steroids through professional wrestling is catastrophic.

So, how do I claim professional wrestling promotes the utilization of steroids?

Well, all you have to do is look at the actors. Almost every single one of them is built to an inhuman extent, and countless wrestlers have already been caught or lost their lives due to the excessive utilization of steroids. The fact is that even the NFL doesn’t have 400 pound athletes in its league, and putting together that much muscle naturally would generally be impossible.

Furthermore, it has been said by some that even Vince McMahon has supplied his actors with steroids during their careers in order to enhance their physical strength and appearance.

If Bug Selig was ever accused of supplying steroids to his athletes, he would go down in history as the worst single individual ever to have anything to do with sports. So, if it holds true in one sport, why should we give professional wrestling a free pass? It’s easy stance on steroids sets a negative example for athletes of all ages, and we should not promote such an activity under the same domain which we discuss actual sports.


Professional wrestling hinders the sanctity of sports

Growing up, all of us who participated in athletics surely learned what playing a sport is all about: teamwork effort, selflessness, sportsmanship, fitness, and safety.

So, how does professional wrestling promote any of the aforementioned ideals?

It certainly isn’t about teamwork, as teammates don’t bash each other over the head with a chair when they’re not looking so that they could steal his girlfriend.

I wouldn’t say professional wrestling promotes effort, either, as the outcomes of the matches are fixed.

Professional wrestling certainly doesn’t promote selflessness, as each and every actor is in it for themselves and the paycheck that they receive at the end of the week.

Furthermore, I feel quite sure that no one would try to argue that there is sportsmanship in professional wrestling, as they are more likely to pretend to strangle each other at the end of a match than shake hands.

As far as fitness is concerned, I wouldn’t say that truly exists, either, since many of them seem to reach their sporting shape primarily through illegal drugs.

And, finally, there is safety. Unfortunately, the only safe thing about professional wrestling is that it is fake. However, actors have died during the spectacle that is professional wrestling, while several others have died and even harmed others due to the effects of steroid abuse.

Therefore, I can accurately say that professional wrestling does not embody any of the key principles of sport in its purest form, and, as a result, it must be disregarded from the sporting community altogether.

For those of you who are still fans of professional wrestling, that’s fine; you have every right to be. However, make sure to write about pro wrestling on a blog about your favorite TV shows, not one that is in the business of analyzing sports.