Is the NFL Crafty or Corrupt?

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Is the NFL Crafty or Corrupt?
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I love the NFL I am a HUGE fan of the sport since I have been seven years old.  To watch Coaches, Owners, and Players come and go through the years.  To see the game change and evolve to be America's PASSION. 

I am now disgusted by the new ORGANIZED CRIME mentality of the NFL.

Hear me out, clear your mind of all the GOOD things you LOVE about the NFL cause as passionate fans of this sport we tend to get caught up in the artfully constructed, loyalty to our team its colors and regulated violence. 

Let's get to the real heart of what might be the NFL down fall.

With baseball constantly being caught up in the never ending Hurricanes of Steroid allegations that pop up every two months, Basketball struggling and Fighting its way back to popularity during the AIR JORDAN years, and Hockey being a niche sport. 

The NFL has suddenly become THE PREMIERE ORGANIZATION of professional sports as we know it today.  The NFL wears a TEFLON COAT.  Beyond reproach and virtually UNTOUCHABLE by any type of scandals whether by Coach, Player, or Owner.

The God Father or DA DON Roger Goodell is in control of all 32 Families from his NY head quarters on Park Avenue, that span from the East Coast to the West Coast.  Let it be known that  Roger Goodell and his predecessor are in charge of building the BRAND that is the NFL. 

These Commisonners or for my article DA DON's are the eyes and ears of all 32 teams ever knowing and present of what business transaction are taking place from coast to coast.

The 32 Teams (Families) have controlling interest in their cities, from negotiated Tax rebates and credits, the politicians Governors, Senators and Mayors, Ownership of stadiums built on the backs of tax payers, these Families collect rent from events held at these tax payer built stadiums collecting a percentage of the proceeds from events filling the pockets of the teams, naming rights go to the teams, local television contracts who can or can't air games, notoriety and loyalty from those in the surrounding communities purchasing the shirts, hats, cups, and any likeness or image that can be printed or sewn on. 

When you really think about it, and break it down to its essence, the NFL is no longer just a Corporation, it is an ENTITY.  Living and breathing and ever evolving.  Spreading its influence in anyway means and form possible to generate money.  Hey, even STATE-run Lotteries are now acceptable to the NFL. 

What you didn't know you can now purchase lottery tickets with your favorite NFL printed on it.  Ummm Humm it comes at a cost to the State but yeah the NFL is now determining what forms of Gambling the NFL DEEMS worthy of its support. 

You see, the NFL forbids Gambling by all of its employees, and the NFL won't allow any NFL team or Expansion team to be in the state of NEVADA, Commissioner Roger Goodell wrote Delaware Gov. Jack Markell in March to express the NFL's displeasure with proposed sports betting. 

The Governor better watch out for that bloody horses head!  He has been warned.

I am saying all of the above to say this...the NFL maybe getting toooo big and powerful for it own good.  The thought of OUR Super Bowl being sent to London is outright disrespectful to the fans here of our country who love our home-grown sport. 

It is bad enough to send regular season games over to London robbing fans of a game they would prefer to see right here in their hosting home team city.

For the NFL to consider itself the MORAL COMPASS of sports and flexing its muscle constantly on tv contracts, cable and satellite rights, not being HONEST with the players retired or current on the amount of money the NFL REALLY brings in on a yearly basis from all the Enron "like" supposedly independent Satellite companies that generate revenue for DA DON and the FAMILIES, is HYPOCRISY. 

Don't believe me here is the definition:

  • a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess.

  • a pretense of having some desirable or publicly approved attitude.

For the NFL to now take STATE MONEY (tax payer money)  for the RIGHT to use the images of NFL teams on lottery tickets goes against everything the league CLAIMS it stands for. 

Hearing Radio Personalities on Sirius NFL Radio say it is OK for the NFL to have Fantasy Football it is not gambling it is FREE, show the idiocy of the host (Adam Schein) and NFL to confuse the fans and manipulate them into thinking they are not gambling and doing anything wrong cause it is free is IGNORANT. 

That is old school Mafia tactics to get unaware and impressionable people in local communities to bet with the local BOOKIE.  Last time I checked NFL FANTASY FOOTBALL  there is a basic plan and PREMIUM PLAN so don't say (Adam Schein) that the NFL doesn't allow gambling.

A warning to the NFL continue to think that you are above reproach. Continue to think that because you have captured Americas heart as we hunger and hunger for more NFL Football that you are UNTOUCHABLE the Mafia mentality and actions that you are demonstrating on your players and fans maybe be your own means to your own END!!!!


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