One-on-One with Roger Federer (Subtle Humor)

RockCorrespondent IJune 3, 2009

Since Roger Federer is the most popular guy on the circuit and already everybody knows enough about him, Roland Garros officials decided to do a late one-on-one talk at the end of the tournament as a surprise package and as a grand finish to the event.

But unsure of his quarterfinal outcome with Monfils, the authorities tried to contact Federer's manager to do a quick one-on-one, and they were left aghast when Federer's manager did not give the approval. The real reason behind it was that he already had given an appointment to one Bleacher creature.

Moderator: Questions please.

How do you like your chances against Monfils in the Quarters?

For sure, he is an exciting player to watch. He plays way behind the baseline and that is where I think I can exploit him. I have the big match experience and I know a thing or two about winning a slam. We shall see.

Rog..gerr, people who have defeated you this year so far have lost early in this tournament. Will that give you a better chance to lift Roland Garros this year?

That does not make any difference to me. I do not look too far into the draw. I take one match at a time and hopefully, I can get through every match from here on with better numbers.

Soderling is making news in this tournament how...!!! Guys!!!

I think we are doing one-on-one here. I do not want to make it a post match interview. Please keep in mind that I refused to do one with Roland Garros officials.

Moderator: One-on-one questions in English please.

Do you think Roger, if you win this tournament without defeating Rafa, will make it a memorable one for you?

Hopeless. Next question.

What song are you currently listening to in your ipod?

Balboa's—Eye of the tiger.

Listening to it even when Rafa is out?

To me everyone looks like Rafa now. Did you expect Tommy Haas to be leading 2-0 before I came back magnificently?

What is your favorite color?

Definitely not dark pink and yellow.

Can you please cool down Roger?

Okay, I like black. My best so far was what I wore in the US Open in '07 or '08. Top to bottom and inside. Everything black.

What is your favorite training exercise?

I like climbing the hills. Four times I've attempted but only managed to reach half the way. I always love to conquer the summit (with obvious reference to FO, 14th and 15th slams).

What puts you in a bad mood?

Novak Djokovic.

We asked what, not who Roger?

My bad, I answered it as usual. The sight of untidy dressing in people and their unclear minds.

What sun sign would you have preferred if it were not for Leo?

Another Leo.

Your favourite hang out place?

My backyard in Basel which I modeled on the lines of Wimbledon.

If Mirka allowed you for a day on your own, whom would you have dated?

Pamela Anderson. I know she is old now, but I prefer older women.

If you are given powers right here, right now, to wipe out one bad incident in your career?

Probably my tears at this year's Australian Open.

Your favourite food Roger?

Anything that is made in South Africa. I prefer Musli too.

The thing you like the most in you?

My hair style. I love to push it back when it is falling over my bandanna. It is more evident for you when I do it after a break of serve.

The thing that you hate in people?


If you were not to be a tennis player then what profession would you have ended up with?

I would have started as a medical representative assistant to my Dad and then would have seen how things unfolded.

Who is your favorite sporting idol?

It used to be Borg but now none. I admire Tiger Woods though.

If you are given a chance to portray one of the Hollywood actors, whose skin would you have donned?

Arnold Schwarzenegger, owing to his German connection.

What is your best moment in life?

My first Wimbledon title and the last US Open title.

Do you do adventures Roger, like para gliding, kayaking, or rock climbing?

Yeah...I do fishing.

Salsa, jazz, break dance, hip hop?

I'll leave that to Mirka. I do foot tapping and head nodding like Chris Tucker in Rush Hour.

Did you already plan a name for your kid?

Not really, but if it is a boy, then we put a boy's name and if it is a girl we put a girl's name.

You have a good sense of humour Roger, do you know that?

That's what I've been told by my many. Remember my twirling of racket imitating Blake?

Last question which I suppose should be a romantic one Roger.

Yes please.

When is your first real kiss?

The day I won the Olympic doubles gold with Stan.

Moderator: Enough is enough, disperse please.

Roger: Moderator! Come and see me at my office.

Moderator: Why?

Roger: Cuz you did not tell me the questions beforehand.


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