Jerry Angelo: From Rags to Riches

Owen StifflerContributor IJune 3, 2009

LAKE FOREST, IL - APRIL 3: The Chicago Bears General manager Jerry Angelo looks on as the Bears announce Jay Cutler as their new quarterback during a press conference on April 3, 2009 at Halas Hall in Lake Forest, Illinois.  (Photo by Jim Prisching/Getty Images)

Just a couple of months ago, the majority of the Chicago Bears faithful were calling for Jerry Angelo's head.

They finished the season a game away from a wild card berth, and a trip to the playoffs with a disappointing loss to the Houston Texans

Jerry Angelo was being compared to the likes of Matt Millan, and most Chicagoans saw no way that Angelo could revive his reputation and become a god throughout the city. 

But that's exactly what he did. 

A couple months into the offseason, and Chicago Bears and Jerry Angelo had done nothing to improve the team, by only letting players like longtime safety and Chicago favorite Mike Brown depart. 

They had made minor signings, like that of offensive lineman Kevin Shaffer, but nothing that looked promising enough to improve the team in any way from the season before. 

Optimistic Bears supporters were hoping to see Kyle Orton develop more in the offseason, to solidify himself as the QB he was during the first half of the 2008 season. But even the most optimistic still felt a feeling of disgust with general manager Jerry Angelo. 

Then, a day to go down in Chicago Bears infamy, on Thursday, April 2, 2008: Jerry Angelo pulls the trigger on the deal to bring Pro Bowler Jay Cutler to Chicago, and in a matter of minutes, signed another Pro Bowler and future Hall of Famer Orlando Pace, to give Cutler more support on the offensive line. 

Even after the trade though there were some critics ranting that Angelo gave up too much for Cutler and put the Chicago Bears in a horrible position for the upcoming NFL Draft. 

Then Angelo did what he does best: make impressive picks and find underrated talent in the NFL Draft.

Come this 2009 NFL season, many around the league will agree that Angelo made a brilliant move in attaining Jay Cutler and did an equally impressive of a job of finding young talent in the draft. 

In a matter of one day, Jerry Angelo attained that status of a Chicago god, and will no longer be hearing the cries of Bears fans to the McCaskey family to let Angelo go. 

If there was a GM of the year award, I would congratulate Jerry Angelo on winning the title in '09. 

Regardless, he should be awarded Comeback Player of the Year. Well done, Jerry.