WWE: The Horrible Combination Of Bad Booking and Stipulation Matches

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IMarch 27, 2017

If there is one thing wrestling fans love it is stipulation matches. They bring a level of excitement that regular matches cannot.

When you hear that a stipulation match is about to take place you now, you're going to see something out of the ordinary. It could be anything. You just know it is going to be much more memorable than a one-on-one encounter.

Lets compare a one on one match between your two favorite WWE superstars to your favorite dish at Olive Garden. You're pretty exited.

Now think of the stipulation match as your favorite dessert. So if done right a stipulation match can be a great night at Olive Garden. You have your favorite dish (match) and your favorite desert (stipulation match). Sounds good.

However, stipulation matches are only good when done correctly.

Now think of your two least favorite WWE superstars. For me that would be The Great Khali and Mr. Ken......Oh never mind. Mine would be the Great Khali and Mark Henry.

So think of that horrible match as the overcooked meat loaf your mother in-law made especially for you.

Now think of the worst stipulation match ever and picture it as the disgusting side dish you have to eat along with the meat loaf. Doesn't sound like the best night now does it?

So a stipulation match is either really good or really bad.

Well I hope you can excuse the food comparisons as I will know diverge to my point. The WWE is overusing stipulation matches and the horrible booking going along with them is a devastating combination.

While I'm on the topic, when was the last time you saw a Last Man Standing Match, First Blood Match, or a Iron Man Match? I don't think I can even remember.

Back to the point, when the WWE does give us some stipulation match they usually put the wrong people in the match to begin with.

For instance, John Cena will battle the Big Show in a submission match at Extreme Rules. What? There last one on one match at Judgment Day put me to sleep. How am I suppose to watch Big Show put John Cena in a lame Bear Hug for 15 minutes?

Now if you put Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio in a submission match at Extreme Rules then that might make a little more sense than John Cena and the Big Show. Am I right?

Then there are times when not only the people in the match don't suit the stipulation, but the stipulation itself is ridiculous. An example would be a Hog Pen Match with Santino and Vickie Guerrero coming up.

Why the WWE puts together these horrible matches like this is way beyond me, but I can tell you they will pay for it. No one will be entertained by Vickie Guerrero and a pig.

The fact is if a stipulation match isn't done just right with the right people in the right situations, then the end result will be disappointing and a complete waste of time. You either love the match or hate it. There is usually not a in-between.

Maybe the reason I and possibly others feel this way is because the WWE overuses many of their gimmick matches. After you see a stipulation match so often the effect it has on us wears off (remember the favorite foods comparison).

Just like our favorite dishes we like a variety of matches. We don't want the same thing all the time. Make stipulations special and give us a variety, or were going to get tired of them especially when you put the wrong people in the match.

I don't want to see someone like John Cena in a submission match. The Cena and Big Show match at Extreme Rules should be a Iron Man Match or a First Blood Match because those types of matches work to the two's strengths. A submission match does not.

The WWE, and TNA also, needs to pay more attention to what types of matches they put their talent in and the type of matches in general.

A Hog Pen Match? I mean really? Triple H couldn't even pull that match off 12 years ago. Even if it is suppose to be for a laugh I don't see the point.

To wrap this up when you have bad stipulation matches like Hog Pen matches, Singapore Cane on A Pole Match, or a Last Ride match your going to be rolling your eyes the whole time thinking "This could have been so much better if they would have just [insert good idea here]".

So WWE I beg you to start using different stipulation matches and using the right people in each match. It would be one more thing the WWE could do to increase the quality of their product and that can benefit the company and the fans. Its a win-win situation.