Is It Better for the Detroit Red Wings to Win the Cup in Detroit or Pittsburgh?

MR. MARKCorrespondent IJune 2, 2009

A question that Hockey Town has already asked themselves by now.

Sure it's premature, but every Red Wings fan has already fooled around with this fantasy a couple times.

If you asked this question last year, I would have said that it was a travesty the way the Penguins stole Game Five.

The Red Wings came all the way back to take a three-two lead by the 35 second mark, only to have it rudely taken away by Maxime Talbot. Game Five was then infamously lost after Petr Sykora came through for the Pens, delivering a devastating low blow to the city of Detroit.

Looking back on it though, I am actually glad things turned out the way they did. Oh, how satisfying it was when Marian Hossa collapsed to the ice after his desperate (and ever-so-close) attempt to score had failed.

(Look at them covering up for Canada's Crosby, a devastating blow to the Crosby butt-kissing media, as well.)

It was fitting that the score was 3-2, again. Except time around, there would be no Pens comeback.

Detroit made Pittsburgh pay for what they did in Game Five, as Penguins fans agonizingly stuck around to watch the first Stanley Cup presentation to take place in the city of Pittsburgh. The Detroit Red Wings of the old NHL, utterly demolished the youthful and golden Penguins of the new league.

Best of all, they did it in Pittsburgh.

How great would it be to do that again, two years in a row? The pain, the agony, the sheer torture the Steel City would suffer through.

How much justice would it serve to these baby newcomers, media spoiled kids that are the Pittsburgh Penguins?

Past powerhouses of the old NHL such as the New Jersey Devils, Dallas Stars, and the Colorado Avalanche would shake their heads in disgust at the way the league spoils the Pens, mostly Crosby.

Barry Melrose recently stated on ESPN that the worst loss hurts more than best win feels good.

How could the Red Wings not want to win at the Igloo again?

But here in lies the dilemma.

What about Detroit and Hockey Town? How amazing was it in 2002, as Hockey Town once again saw the very thing it was meant to see.

Would Marian Hossa love to get booed in Pittsburgh as he raises his first Cup, or would it be better when fans express their much needed gratitude towards the Slovakian?

Imagine Chris Chelios' last NHL moment where he is cheered by fans one last time, as he hoists the Cup one last time.

As satisfying as another heartbreaking Stanley Cup win in Pittsburgh would be, winning the Stanley Cup in Detroit is whats best for Hockey Town.

(Pittsburgh would still suffer heartbreak as thousands of Red Wing fans cheer their soldiers on.)

But of course if we can't get that, the other option would be quite nice as well.