Game 1 Victory Might Lead to a Game 2 Loss; Orlando Must Keep Sense of Urgency

Andres RiveraContributor IApril 22, 2008

So as we all witnessed... Orlando ripped apart the Toronto Raptors in Game 1 of the first round of the 2008 NBA Playoffs, most notably in the first quarter. If the Magic really want to make some noise in the playoffs this year and most importantly in this series they will have to remain consistent. The Orlando Magic has had the reputation of getting a little bit too relaxed coming off of a huge win, so dont expect Toronto to back down anytime soon. In fact, I expect the Raptors to come out hungry for revenge in an attempt to even the series going back home. With this said, I have my 3 keys to success for another Orlando Magic victory tonight:

1.) DEFENSE!!!

    - It will be imperative that the Magic continue their good defense against this Raptor team that will surely look for Bosh more. Rashard Lewis did an excellent job of slowing Bosh down, but I think that tonight He really will have his hands full. Also, the Magic have to be aware of the 3-point line. In several occasions Raptors shooters found themselves open and made the magic pay for it.


    - Orlando fell in love with the jumpshot on sunday and forgot about their superstar in Dwight Howard. It is very important to look for your big man inside. He is the most dominant big man in the league. Howard did finish with 25 points but it was mostly by himself. He rarely got the ball inside against a lanky Andrea Bargnani. A clear disadvantage . Words of wisdom to the Magic point guards..Get your Superstar the ball! I personally have seen him take 3 people and embarass them! Lets feed the ball to Dwight.


    - Jameer, I love you man but you have to take the ball inside more. When you are bigger and stronger than the other guards, you have to take it in! Toronto is not a real shot blocking threat. I must have seen the Magic take the ball inside several times on sunday without even a budge from the defense. I think that Orlando is not going to shoot sizzling hot from the 3-point line everyday, and should really think about taking it to the basket.