Dear Sports Media: LeBron Didn't Make the NBA Finals

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Dear Sports Media: LeBron Didn't Make the NBA Finals
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ESPN didn't get the memo. You'd think the Worldwide Leader In Sports would be on top of current events.

The Cleveland Cavaliers were eliminated from the playoffs and did not live up to their end of the bargain of creating the "Dream NBA Final."

We can stop covering LeBron James every second of the day.

Sure, it's interesting to some sports fan based on his reaction at the end of Game Six. The league has determined that he will not be fined for his actions, which I am okay with.

What I am not okay with is having to analyze why he reacted that way and if it is justified rather than discussing the keys to the NBA Final that will happen.

For those who don't know, James walked off the court after the Game Six loss to Orlando without shaking the opposing teams' hands.

He put on earphones in the locker room and boarded the bus without speaking to anyone or attending the mandatory post-game press conference.

Whether you agree with what he did or not, he did it. The NBA did not find fault in it. The issue is over. It's time to move forward.

This is similar to the question, "Did OJ do it?" on a much smaller scale. The verdict has been determined. It's not changing. Why discuss it?

Whether the NBA wanted it or not, Orlando and Los Angeles is an intriguing finals matchup.

Orlando lives and dies by the three-point shot and also has a dominant low post player. The Lakers have big men who play with a different style and the best player in the game.

I understand that last statement is debatable, but Kobe Bryant has done a lot to help his cause to that claim by simply advancing when LeBron couldn't.

So please, ESPN. Any other sports network that may come across this article as well, this is my plea to you.

Give credit where credit is due and actually cover basketball, which is your job.

Leave the behind the scenes reactions to TMZ. They are good at that kind of material.

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