Key Dates Ahead for F1 Fans in January 2014

Fraser MasefieldContributor IJanuary 3, 2014

January's car launch dates will soon be released
January's car launch dates will soon be releasedPaul Gilham/Getty Images

With the first pre-season test session of the year just around the corner, Formula One teams and fans alike are eagerly anticipating the start to what promises to be one of the most exciting seasons of recent years.

The radical new rules and regulation changes concerning the 2014 engines and aerodynamics also mean that cars will look very different.

Although teams must wait until the end of the month to run their latest machines in anger, engine development and chassis build is already well underway. As of yet, however, no teams have announced their launch dates.

According to a team statement published on Autosport, Sauber announced early in December that their 2014 chassis had already passed its mandatory crash tests.

"The chassis of the C33 has passed all static and dynamic tests of the FIA and is officially homologated. The rear crash test, which is not part of the chassis homologation, will take place separately at a later date, as usual."

Also set to take place in January is the next meeting of the next F1 Strategy Group Meeting, which could see the controversial double points rule scrapped. The date for the next meeting has yet to be revealed but it is likely to come sooner rather than later.

Although F1 Supremo Bernie Ecclestone expressed a preference to extend the double points system to the final three races, he admitted in The Telegraph that it could be scrapped this month.

Personally my preference would be for the final three races to be worth double points. But it may well be that the rule is cancelled altogether at the next [Strategy Group] meeting in January. I think it should be the final three races or nothing. The final three races would mean the championship is kept interesting for everyone - fans, press and television - right until the end.


Key January dates:

January 28-31: First pre-season test, Jerez.

Team car launches:

January 24 - McLaren

January 25 - Ferrari

January 28 - Mercedes

January 28 - Red Bull

January 28 - Caterham

Other launches TBC

F1 Strategy Group meeting: TBC