Minnesota Vikings Quarterback Quagmire

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Minnesota Vikings Quarterback Quagmire
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Once upon a time, Brad Childress had Donavon McNabb as a muse when he was the offensive coordinator of the Philadelphia Eagles.

It must have been a fun job back then. The former first round pick out of Syracuse University started every game in his college career after his redshirt freshman season.

Selected by the Eagles in the first round, he showed speed, intelligence, and wisdom beyond his years. 

Childress could pull out bizarre terminology, highlight quirky stats, sketch endless "kick ass plays" on the blackboard with meticulous color coordination, and McNabb could take it all in with a chuckle and execute on game day.

Brad Childress has had a new muse for the last few years, or "lump of clay" as he has called him—Tarvaris Jackson, a second round pick out of Alabama State.

Childress was hired by the new owners of the Vikings and was immediately given the owner's purple American Express card. Childress piled up players, spending millions, but routinely neglected spending more than chump change on back ups for his new muse, Tarvaris Jackson.

So far Tarvaris Jackson has been—to quote Mike Ditka, "The kind of player who looks good in the shower, but can't play a lick of football."

After numerous blown reads and opportunities, Jackson is clearly not going to turn into McNabb anytime soon. He's not even a poor man's McNabb, that label better suits Jeff Garcia or the newly released and rehabilitated Michael Vick. Tarvaris is just a poor NFL quarterback, there is no other way to spin this.

Maybe he needed a few more years of big time college football grooming? 

Maybe Brad Childress hasn't found the time to mentor Tarvaris the way he mentored McNabb. After all he is the head coach and has to groom several other players as well as his formidable mustache.

Now Childress is eyeing two guys that wouldn't qualify as lumps of clay, Sage Rosenfels and Brett Favre.

Fran Tarkenton decided to jump into the debate roughly 30 years after the cancellation of That's Incredible! Fran wants to remain the best quarterback in Minnesota Vikings franchise history and has told Favre to stay home.

It has been reported that Cris Carter likes Sage Rosenfels.

Pat Williams told a radio station recently that he wants Favre.

Ray Edwards, another country heard from, wants Jackson as a starter. Maybe it is because they play Madden together on the big screen TV when it is 10 below zero in Minnesota?

A few weeks ago, Bernard Berrian hinted strongly that he wanted Favre in uniform, throwing him the long bomb in Minnesota.

It seems like there is a quarterback quagmire in Minnesota, and Childress is on the hot seat.

Childress's best bet is to bring Favre in and give him a shot.

If it doesn't work out in Minnesota, Childress might be back in Philadelphia throwing out strange terminology to a half asleep Donavon McNabb in 2010.

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