Knockouts and Divas: The Halfway Point

Christi LottCorrespondent IJune 2, 2009

We're officially in June. It's the halfway point, and it's time to look at the current status at both companies' women's divisions and what the future holds.



For a few months it seemed like TNA was going in the wrong direction. From the Governor Palin gimmick to a forming of a Kongtourage to literally the near destruction of the effectiveness of The Beautiful People gimmick, TNA was taking a turn for the worse.

It had become plainly obvious how much the loss of Gail Kim really affected them. Recently TNA said goodbye to one of their best Roxxi, while thankfully getting rid of Rhaka Khan.

In the past month, however, TNA has re-stepped their game. The Beautiful People are back in full bitch mode including a new member, and Angelina Love became champion. Awesome Kong has managed to maintain being built strong, and somehow became the center of a tweener turn. The Palin gimmick was dropped, thank goodness, and in her place is the great Daffney.

TNA also made some serious acquisitions in signing international stars Ayako Hamada and Sarah Stock, as well as signing long time veteran and former WWE Diva Victoria.

It seems that the TNA Knockouts division is climbing its way back to the top of the company, as well as getting the best of the WWE Divas.



The Diva roster on each show is a positive and negative of each other. RAW has now become the major negative. While Maryse and the addition of the Divas title is fine, the status of the Divas is not. Thanks to the draft, RAW became disgustingly saturated with top male Superstars, and the Divas have sadly suffered the brunt.

Currently, its major storyline surrounds a man in drag-kind of a sad irony and imagery for the RAW Divas. The show also seems lost storyline wise, pretty much throwing out everything they can and seeing if it will stick.

Smackdown on the other hand got the best of the Draft, male stars included. SD acquired Melina and the women's championship. Although the roster has a few new weak links in the form of Candice Michelle, Layla, and Alicia Fox, they're not weak links to the point of embarrassment. Every Diva on the show can handle themselves well, mainly thanks to the veterans on the show.

Although ECW is now pretty much a foreign land to Divas wrestling, the show has the best wrestler and best Diva on the mic, Natalya. ECW is also fortunate to have Katie Lea. Both women are extremely capable wrestlers, and can handle themselves when pushed to speak.

Both are doing well in their managerial roles, and manage to be on TV every week. Natalya is a bit more ahead of Katie in the exposure category thanks to the creation of the long awaited Hart Dynasty. One can only hope with ECW taping with Smackdown we could see both fight for the Women's Title.

The future is solid for both companies right now, and that's a very good sign. Instead of trying to compete against one another, each company is focusing on what needs to be fixed to make their shows better.