The Detroit Tigers June Splits

J Ellet LambieCorrespondent IJune 2, 2009

KANSAS CITY, MO - APRIL 26:  Adam Everett #4, Placido Polanco #14, Armando Galarraga #58 and Dane Sardinha #57 of the Detroit Tigers meet on the mound against the Kansas City Royals on April 26, 2009 at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri.  Detroit won 3-2. (Photo by G. Newman Lowrance/Getty Images)

Every season is a different season, however there are trends in baseball.

So today we’ll take a look at the career split stats for the current group of Detroit Tigers for the month of June and see at least on some level, what we might expect.

Let’s start with the hitters. As you would expect Magglio Ordonez and Placido Polanco lead the pack in most categories, as they have the most at-bats in the month of June historically.

There are some surprises though, such as Marcus Thames having the highest slugging percentage of any current Tiger for the month of June.

I’ve excluded Wilkin Ramirez and Matt Treanor as Ramirez has zero career June AB’s and Treanor will definitely not be playing this month. I included Guillen and Thames as both could return this month. 

Leaders are in bold text.


Placido Polanco89328615101153170.3200.3570.4220.779
Magglio Ordonez88630342186151200.3420.4160.5600.976
Carlos Guillen5971662111198110.2780.3490.4610.810
Miguel Cabrera54616526938420.3020.3680.5200.888
Brandon Inge48512820707040.2640.3400.4660.806
Adam Everett357964344370.2690.3060.3590.665
Curtis Granderson3161029406890.3230.3790.5320.910
Marcus Thames2486422474210.2580.2990.5810.880
Ramon Santiago20242492850.2080.2890.3170.606
Gerald Laird158494212730.3100.3310.4940.825
Ryan Raburn33825610.2420.3060.4850.790
Jeff Larish32716300.2190.3060.3440.650
Clete Thomas231002300.4350.5360.6091.144
Josh Anderson19602310.3160.3810.4210.802
Dane Sardinha11102000.0910.0910.2730.364



Several Tigers have seen their highest single month batting average numbers in June—including Adam Everett (.269), Maggs (.342), Curtis Granderson (.323) and Gerald Laird (.310)—the only month Laird has ever hit .300 or better.

Placido Polanco hits in June better than any month save August and has more RBI’s and runs scored in June than any other month of the season.

Marcus Thames has hit more home runs in June (22) than any other month. The news isn’t all good though, as Carlos Guillen’s June batting average (.278) and OBP (.349) are the lowest and second lowest of any month of his career historically.

It’s hard to discern any reliable data from Ryan Raburn, Jeff Larish, Clete Thomas, Josh Anderson and Dane Sardinha from this exercise as none of them have more than 33 career at-bats in June. Thomas is 10 for 23 in June and Anderson is 6 for 19, good starts I suppose.

Based on his play so far this season I would expect Ramon Santiago to considerably outpace his .208 career June average. Miguel Cabrera is a .302 hitter in June with an .888 OPS—I expect he’ll be even better this time around. Placido Polanco will need another strong June effort to get his 2009 average back in the neighborhood we are accustomed to.

Now let’s take a look at the pitchers.

I have excluded Rick Porcello and Ryan Perry for the obvious reason, no career June MLB experience. I included Jeremy Bonderman as I expect he’ll be back, in some capacity, soon.

Leaders and worst offenders (depending on category) are in bold.


PlayerIPWinsLossesSavesBlown SavesHitsWalksK’sEarned RunsERAWHIP
Edwin Jackson66.13400753339435.831.63
Joel Zumaya20.2112116132141.741.40
Fernando Rodney35.12414401835287.131.64
Justin Verlander103.293008044100373.211.20
Nate Robertson150.11050014548114623.711.28
Zach Miner47.26101441724112.081.28
Armando Galarraga32.1300032822123.341.24
Bobby Seay23110024819124.701.39
Dontrelle Willis194.11490020657133713.291.35
Brandon Lyon69.15685782053395.061.41
Jeremy Bonderman170.211100018149152874.591.35



Dontrelle paces the team in wins, hits allowed and walks allowed, largely on the strength of the 194.1 innings he’s thrown—the most of any Tiger in the month of June. 

Joel Zumaya owns the best June ERA (1.74), although over a much smaller sample of 20.2 innings pitched.

Brandon Lyon has mediocre June numbers to put it gently, something that will need to change if the Tig’s hope to stay in contention. Note that the struggling Armando Galarraga boasts a 3.34 June ERA, something that will need to fall in line if he hopes to stay in the rotation going forward.

Who would have guessed that Nate Robertson had a 10-5 June record with a 3.71 ERA and a K:BB ratio of better than 2:1?

Not me, but alas it’s true, historically speaking. In the case of Edwin Jackson we can only hop his dazzling ‘09 start leaves his previous June disasters behind.


So there you have it, the associated split statistics for the Detroit Tigers in the month of June.

Some of these numbers are encouraging, some worrisome, others likely irrelevant considering the development players have seen and the current roles on the ball club.

Big Thanks to Ian from Bless You Boys for linking to this story as it appeared on my blog. If you don't know his work, you should, he covers the Tigers voraciously, make sure to check out his blog.

Until next time kiddies...Hazaa!

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