NCAA Appeal Still in Progress at Florida State

Matt SheaCorrespondent IJune 2, 2009

1 Jan 1996:  Head coach Bobby Bowden of the Florida State Seminoles is carried triumphantly off the field by nose guard Andre Wadsworth #8 and tackle Orpheus Roy after defeating the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida 31-26.  Ma

When the fate of an 80-year-old football coach's record rests on the decision of certain people's bad choices in a music class that led to this whole fiasco, that's ridiculous.

The university took many steps toward insuring that these mistakes would not occur again and that the professors and athletes had their jobs, medals, and other tainted records and wins away.

In my opinion, the NCAA has every right to take away the medals, records, and the wins of the coaches who knew about their athletes' cheating and allowed it to go on. Yet, when it comes to the "Good 'Ol Ball Coach", that is going too far.

If they think that they can take away this good southern gentleman's wins, then they should review the Pete Carrol and student athlete issues involving Reggie Bush and the others who were involved with the illegal student gifting.

I can even understand taking away our scholarships and fining us, but taking away the man's wins is way too big of a deal to way too many people and shouldn't happen.

As a boy who grew up watching Bowden and significant others dominate as coaches and players, as well as having a brother who was one of the head athletic trainers' for the '96-'01 teams in football and basketball, I think the media and NCAA's portrayal of Bowden is highly tainted.

The coaching style of this modern day southern gentleman has been known to get rid of players who misbehave, do drugs, and act like total thugs. He has removed plenty of players from the roster in the past who misbehave at FSU and I really don't see him overlooking an issue so serious.

Described much better, a writer from the Sentinel, Andrew Carter, broke down what was going on in the investigations and proceedings as of 8:30 this morning Florida time in this quote:

"The Committee on Infractions isn’t responding to FSU today. No, the Infractions Committee is responding to the NCAA’s Division I Infractions Appeals Committee, which is the ruling body that has the ultimate say on whether Florida State’s appeal is successful."

Confused? Here’s another way to put it: The Infractions Committee hasn’t been drafting a response to FSU. It has been drafting a response to the Infractions Appeals Committee. The Infractions Appeals Committee, by the way, last week granted the infractions committee a seven-day extension to file its response.

The deadline of that extension is today. But that doesn’t mean FSU will know where it stands today. The university will only learn that in the coming days or weeks. So we won’t find out today anything about the status of Bobby Bowden’s victories from the 2006 and ’07 seasons, or those two national titles in men’s track and field.

And even when FSU does hear back from the NCAA, it will have 15 days of its own to file a rebuttal. This thing will never end, apparently.

The wait continues.