EURO 2008 Preview: Who Will Win, and Who Won't

GIUSEPPE ROSSITTOContributor IApril 21, 2008

It might have been under the radar but hey folks EURO 2008 is less than two months away.

Yeah I know what you're probably saying, "Who cares it's not the World Cup," on the contra-ire, other than the World Cup this tournament has such spectacle that it comes a worthy second in the soccer tournament rankings, because let's all be honest other than Argentina and Brazil who is a soccer powerhouse with tradition like the Europeans?

This tournament will kick off with the huge shocker coming from England who as you all know failed to qualify for the tournament that will kick off on June 9th and give room to some of the already favorites to take the European crown.

On this article I would like to concentrate on who will be winner in Austria & Switzerland with the top five of the Euro Cup...



You know it has become kind of sad trying to criticize the Iberian side, after all of the great squads put in the World Cup and Euro Championships, but it seems like this team can't win in a big stage not even if they paid off the refs.

But speaking also as a football expert this team is always so dangerous and ... well can this be the year Raul, Fabregas, Torres and Casillas win something, watch out for the red fury, I pick them to go to the quarters.



Yes I said France, well I put them in number four as one of the favorites, of course never count out the French, but  I have to be honest this team has lost much of their juice from the 2006 World Cup, not to mention many players from that tournament.

They do have some interesting young players but it just might not be enough to match up with Europe's best... then again BEWARE OF THE FRENCH!!!

I pick them to make the semi finals.



This team has been just phenomenal to be PORTUGAL.

Now let me explain something, I'm not knocking down the country and their football, but we all know that tradition wise Portugal is zero compared to: France, Italy and Germany just to name a few.

But in this past few years it has established itself as a football powerhouse, making the final in EURO 2004 in home soil  (loss to Greece) ,and the semi finals in the 2006 World cup (loss to France), plus having Cristiano Ronaldo can change your team just like that, I pick them to go to the semis.



The World all will think why aren't they the number one favourite? Well I'm Italian... and I don't mean son of Italians Italian, I mean born and raised so trust me it hurts me to say this, but I can't see this team to repeat as champs, even though the competition is very slim now, Donadoni doesn't really have a set squad yet, he changed too much and never formed a solid group.

On the other hand Toni has been on fire in Germany with Bayern Munich the same way he was the year before the World Cup, can this be deja vu all over again I hope so FORZA AZZURRI!!!

I pick them to be in the Final.



I think this time (unless things go wrong) Germany will take a title this year, because this team has been forming since the 2002 World Cup in Korea & Japan and it has grown so much, making the final that year (loss to Brazil) and making the semi final on home soil (loss to Italy).

Podolski, Klose, Ballack and company have no one else to match their group's strength.

I pick them to be the European Champs!