I Lied About the Cubs - I Do Think This Could be the Year.

Steve MoreauCorrespondent IApril 21, 2008

I know I said that I wouldn't get my hopes up too soon with the Cubs but after watching the last four games, I don't think I'll be able to suppress it any longer. I'm already starting to get nervous and dreaming of what it would be like to be at that final game in October at Wrigley. Is the 100 year drought ending this year? I sure hope so...if our boys keep playing the way they have in the first 19 games of the season then perhaps there's actually a decent chance.

What I realized tonight is how deep this year's squad really is. Even with the starters taking a breather, someone always steps in. Soriano is injured, but no one seems to notice because Reed Johnson and Felix Pie are there. Ryan Theriot can take a night off because Ronny Cedeno and Mike Fontenot can take care of the middle infield. DeRosa can play any position and we finally have a catcher who can hit and play defense in Geovanny Soto. Fukudome, though slumping lately, is the most patient hitter in baseball. He's averaging nearly 5 pitches per at bat! I have confidence in Henry Blanco as a backup catcher and Daryl Ward is a fan favorite despite limited playing time. Sweet Lou has got to be happy. And those are second stringers. Lee and Ramirez are once again carrying this team but this time the rest of the guys are pulling their weight like crazy.

Pitching is getting there with Big Z obviously dominating from the hill. Speaking of Hill, Rich is off to a decent start providing our lefties with their first win. How about Ryan Dempster and Kerry Wood switching roles? I mean, c'mon, how great was that move? Carlos Marmol is amazing and I think could eventually be a 16-18 game winning starter. Kerry Wood has been on the D.L. 11 times but it finally looks like he's found his place and he won't have to pitch 200 innings.

Now it's time for good moves and bad moves:

Bad moves:
-continuing to talk about "the drought"
-Raising beer prices to $6.25
-I'm still number 68,858 on the season ticket waiting list

Good moves:
-Working tirelessly on Felix Pie's batting
-Reed Johnson (Toronto may be kicking themselves)
-Woody as closer
-Dempster as a starter
-Getting rid of Barrett and putting Soto behind the plate

I've always been a believer in this team. I believe that the drought could end this year, and if things keep gelling like they are, it's possible.