15 Reasons Cavs and LeBron Were Overrated, Kobe Tops "The King"

CyberCosmiXCorrespondent IJune 1, 2009

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 19:  Kobe Bryant #24 of the Los Angeles Lakers shoots a jumper against LeBron James #23 of the Cleveland Cavaliers during the game at Staples Center on January 19, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.  The Lakers defeated the Cavaliers 105-88.  (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

As an NBA fan FED UP with LeBron being forced down our throats. To those LeBron-lovers I offend, sorry.

I'm a LeBron fan, but an OBJECTIVE one, a fan that is tired of seeing games in which he plays like a "bull in a china shop" type brutishness, settling for crazy outside shots or bashing into players, absolutely dominating possession, freezing all of his teammates out and having the media absolutely gush over it all. Disgusting.

Well, here's 15 observations on LeBron, The Cavs, and Kobe vs LeBron that will probably piss off a whole lot of readers:

1) Mike Brown now has as many Coach Of The Year awards as Phil Jackson.

That is a flat out JOKE! I really can't see how a coach that doesn't seem to be able to coach his team out of a paper bag, and who's only end-of-game and critical play situations is "give the ball to LeBron and stand around waiting for The King to possibly grace you with a pass." Absolute JOKE!!!

2) LeBron has no midrange game. He either shoots circus three-point shots, which he's gotten pretty good at, or he puts his head down and uses speed/strength to bowl his way toward the rim, draw contact, and put up a shot while looking for a foul.

3) LeBron has SUPER athletic ability and quickness. He is truly graced with a "god-like'"and athleticism. This apparently has allowed him to skate by while having simply good NBA skills. Yes, he has been hitting a lot of circus shots, especially while fooling around in practice.

However his skill-level is probably only half of Kobe, Wade, CP3's and a handful of other players. I don't know if his size keeps him from approaching a higher level of skill, or if he isn't working on improving his game (outside of a good passing ability and those crazy circus shots).

4) His "team-oriented" approach apparently only exists up through the last four minutes of games. Because, at that point, it is "give me the ball and stand around, if I get triple teamed and don't want to bully my way to the basket I might grace you with a pass."

Let's see, if Kobe does it he's "selfish" and LeBron is "great: hmmm...

5) Wasn't the last trip LeBron made to the finals, where the Cavs got swept a couple years back, supposed to be his 'learning experience' ?!?? There has probably never been a more coddled by the press NBA player.

6) Be a MAN and greet your opponents after losing! Everyone feels bad when they lose, but this was a six game series, not a single night in the NBA. MAN UP AND GIVE PROPS TO YOUR OPPONENTS!

7) What will ESPN do now the "Golden Child"—or is it "King James" or "Witness"—whatever but what will the four-letter network do now that LeBron is out of the playoffs?

8) Free advice for LeBron, work on your end-of-game free throws or opponents will to the "Hack-a-LeBron" on you for the rest of your career.

9) Sorry Cleveland, LeBron is good as gone. He has NO loyalty, he's simply trying to get promotion $'s and is more interested in playing in a big-market than staying loyal to his birth city and the team he rooted for / plays for.

10) Kobe is a coach out on the court, and much better leader. He talks to, praises, chastises, coaches and leads. LeBron seems to be more a "point to a spot, go run over there" type of "leader." He doesn't talk a whole lot, on or off the court.

11) LeBron does NOT subjugate his own game to help his teammates. If his teammates don't get going, it's ok as long as he has his shots. Kobe has become very good at getting his teammates going before he gets his own shots.

This means his teammates are happier/more involved. Kobe doesn't need silly pre-game rituals to 'involve' his teammates, he actually LOOKS FOR THEM DURING THE GAME. LeBron is SOOOOOOO overrated on this point, he is DEFINITELY NOT Magic or Oscar.

LeBron might put up video-game like numbers, but he is not a pass-first type player, FAR, FAR from Magic. He does make good passes, however it seems he passes it as a last resort if he can't force / find a shot for himself.

12) LeBron controls more of the game than any other player in the NBA. If you give Kobe that many touches / that much possession he would average 40+. Isn't Mo Williams the PG?!?? LeBron should be more a distributor than he is. If you give ANY talented NBA player that much possession time they would succeed too!

13) LeBron's numbers up until now have been put up in IDEAL situation—coming from Cleveland, being the "Golden Child" in high school, having the Cavs put a good but not great team around him, one that he doesn't have to share possessions with.

ESPN drooling, giving him more "cred" to control that many game touches, along with a weak team / coach that give in to "The King."

Compare that to Kobe coming into the league, playing under "Dull" Harris, who sat him his entire rookie year even though he was better than starter all-star Eddie Jones at age 18. Heck, Kobe even made all-star starter his second year, COMING OFF THE BENCH FOR THE LAKERS!

He had all-stars Shaq dominating possession, Eddie Jones, Nick Van Exel and a coach that barely played him. Plus, after that came Phil Jackson and the triangle which featured Shaq as centerpiece.

So, even though Kobe was probably the best player in the league, he was being treated as at least second best player ON HIS OWN TEAM through his FIRST DECADE IN THE NBA! IN SPITE OF THAT look at his numbers!

14) Kobe has shut down LeBron this season in their meetings. Kobe has handled EASILY LeBron on defense. Youtube it if you don't believe me, Kobe has OWNED LeBron head-to-head!

15) Shouldn't any player called "The King" have AT LEAST one (1) title before being called that?

To those offended, let me know what you think and where you feel I'm wrong. I purposefully did not want to include stats and averages, simply observations and feelings. This is just a teenie weenie tiny little part to "level" the LeBron=god debate...