The Four "Most Overhyped Wrestlers" in WWE

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ORANGE, CA - MAY 08:  Wrestler Triple H arrives at the Lions Gate Premiere of 'See No Evil' at the Century Stadium Promenade 25 on May 8, 2006 in Orange, California.  (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

Recently there has been a lot of talk of Wrestlers who are over-hyped, especially amongst the IWC and insiders (who I hate with the same amount of passion in which I love Wrestling).

I took a good look at some of the wrestlers and I came to a conclusion on the four most over-hyped wrestlers there are and whether they deserve it.

I drew the conclusions from three areas: move-set, mic skills, and championships. The order in which they come in isn't based on how over-hyped they are.

I will provide my own conclusions but please feel free to leave your own. That being said, let's move right into it, shall we?


John Cena (I can hear praise from the IWC now :[)

1) Move-set

Even though he is the top babyface in the company his in-ring ability is superbly lacking, revolving mainly around power and brawling. This is no doubt his weakest area and is no doubt his most heavily criticized among the IWC.

However it does seem fitting, due to most of WWE's top babyfaces not having very many moves. If you don't believe me, you're an idiot.

Stone Cold had a move-set based around brawling. Bruno Sammartino was just Power. Hogan was just power.

The only real exceptions I can think of at the moment are Bob Backlund and Bret Hart who got to the position based on phenomenal in-ring Skills. (Thank God I can hear the IWC and the insiders shutting up now :])

2) Mic Skills

Cena's promos are rather simple and mostly just involve a lot of yelling. This is something a lot of people like to criticize as being aimed at little kids and just trying to get a cheap laugh.

He does know how o criticize people, something I find thinning out in Heels as well as babyfaces and can get people hyped for a match if given the chance.

3) Championships

This is something a lot of people comment on when discussing Cena. It is almost a given when in a title match, he will win it or successfully defend it based on which ever he is doing.

This mostly pertained to his World Championship reigns as its guaranteed he will hold the damn thing for about 3 months.

Final Thoughts

While his move-set is fairly lackluster I mentioned previously that is something that should be expected of top Babyfaces based simply on looking at the past.

His mic skills are fairly good even if his promos are simple; I find them pretty entertaining to watch if you are a kid or an adult.

I will admit seeing him hold the WWE title for more than a year was pretty dull at times, but other times, it was pretty good and he makes a good champion as he has that all important skill of being able to connect with the fans.

Conclusion: John Cena deserves the hype (despite what the irritating Cena Haters who I'd bet every one of my assets cheered him when he debuted the heel rapper gimmick). He has the charisma to make it far in wrestling.



1) Move-set

This has got to be one of the strongest areas when one discusses Edge. He has a strong move-set and some phenomenal in-ring work.

He works his opponents over pretty good and he can deserve a pretty surprising finish to a match and almost always weasels out with a win.

He has a large amount of finishers, which includes the spear, a variation of the sharpshooter and the recently returned Edgecution.

2) Mic skills

Edge can be good on the mic but it varies. A majority of his promos are whining over stupid little things like title defenses and his opponents.

These range from great to annoying based on his opponent. He can really shine through with people like Cena and Jericho as they are both really good talkers.

3) Championships obtained

It seems every time someone turns around Edge is holding a title belt normally one of the companies biggest belts.  To date, Edge has held more WWE sanctioned titles than anyone else, 28.

However, his title reigns are normally really short with the absolute longest one lasting only 105 days, this being his second world heavyweight title reign.

Final Thoughts

Edge is very strong in terms of in-ring work and very solid in terms of the number of moves he brings to the table, yet I find it increasing hard to enjoy this as Edge barely wrestles on television except for the occasional match on Raw or Smackdown and just about every PPV.

Edge's mic skills are passable like I said there are mostly whining and they are irritating but as he is a heel, and his primary role is to annoy you, he is just doing his job.

The number of titles Edge has held is the kicker here.
Are his mic skills good? yes.
Is his in-ring work good? yes.
Are they good enough that they justify the winning of 28 titles? No. Just by the sheer number of times he wins titles and the fact that he is stealing them off of top babyfaces makes Edge the most over-hyped man in wrestling, not Cena.

Conclusion: Edge does not deserve the hype right now. Don't get me wrong I like Edge and I feel he plays a fantastic heel but he needs to spend time away from the title picture, it will help his career and he also needs to wrestle more often.

Yeah he is one of the finer wrestlers in the company but that doesn't freaken matter if you get to see once, if you're lucky twice, a damn month. If does stay in the title picture, he needs to hold the darn thing once he wins it.


Triple H (explosive pause from the Insiders)

1) Move-set

Triple H has a expansive Move-set that is showed off quite often as he is a superb mixture of technical wrestler and powerhouse.

He is also mixes in a couple of submissions, like the Indian deathlock. His finisher, The Pedigree, is regarded as being one of the most lethal finishers in the WWE often meaning the end of whatever match he is in, unless against much more popular or well known wrestlers.

2) Mic skills

Many older fans say that Triple H's promos aren't as good as they used to be but upon looking I find it based solely on what time you started watching wrestling.

In his early years when many older fans were exposed to him, he was a heel and quite possibly the biggest one in wrestling at the time. His promos were freaken awesome. He knew how to tear people a new one and get boos from the crowd like no other.

Now he has turned face, His promos are still fairly good and to a person that just started watching wrestling recently, and has not seen his heel promos, they are likely the best right now. It all amounts to the fact that he is really decent on the mic.

3) Championship

He has been a world champion in WWE 13 times. He has also held the IC title several times and the world tag team championship once. He has also won the now defunct European title twice.

His reigns are often heavily criticized as being only because he is the bosses' son-in-law, mostly among the IWC, yet I find it a little odd that he gained seven of his world championships, both the European title reigns, all of his IC title reigns and the one tag title reign BEFORE Triple H married Stephanie in October 2003.

Final thoughts

Whether a lot of people want to admit it or not, Triple H is good in the ring. The one fault a lot of people have with him is he won't sell for some of the younger guys.

I don't credit this to ego as a lot of people do (*coughs*insiders*coughs*) so much as I feel he doesn't think the young guy he is supposed to put over is ready to carry the company or be a main eventer.

He has sold people for before, if you don't believe me go watch his reaction to the fact he was going to face Cactus Jack instead of Dude Love, or the entire freaken time Randy Orton was with Evolution for that matter.

I feel his promos are good whether he is a heel or a face, its just a matter of preference and timing. Much like Edge, the championship is kind of a kicker here but here is the difference.

Triple H has won 21 titles, 7 less than Edge, and he did it over a period of 14 years where Edge did it in roughly 11! Triple H also won 15 of those titles before Steph and he were married.

Conclusion: Triple H does deserve the hype, even if the 13 world title reigns are pushing it. He has what probably makes up one of the most well rounded move-sets in the company. He is talented on the stick and whether certain people want to admit it or not, he knows when to stay away from the title picture.


Randy Orton

1) Move-set

Randy Orton has a very well developed move-set and definitely fits the role of being the largest heel in the company.

(Please note I feel he is the largest heel in the company and I have felt that way for about a year and a half now, as adverse to certain other people that can't decide whether to worship Orton or Jericho).

His moves are well-rounded and dangerous. Overall, his matches are very entertaining to watch. He is definitely among the best technical wrestlers in the company if not the best. He is also very good at selling moves.(although he does seem rather bitchy about taking a bump)

2) Mic Skills

Randy's mic ability embodies everything a good heel is supposed too. He is cocky, delightfully evil and gets a chorus of boos from fans. In fact he is so hated, fans love him! I have only two complaints about Randy's promos.

a) They drag on way too long
b) His voice is kind of monotonous

3) Championship

Randy is a four-time world champion. He has fairly decent runs with the title, well except for one, and he is almost always entertaining to watch as a champion.

He is also currently the 15th longest reigning IC Champion in WWE history. He also held the tag team championship, ironically with the man that ended his IC title reign albeit it was three years later, Edge.

If you get a shot at watching the match where Edge beat Randy for the IC title at Vengence 2004, I recommend that you do it, it was a pretty decent match.

Final Thoughts

Randy definitely has the in-ring work to make it far. I may even go as far as to call him the next Bret Hart if I believed in the ludicrous idea of saying current generation wrestlers are the next variation of a retired wrestler.

He can make a match pretty entertaining to watch even, if he is working with someone who has rather poor wrestling skills.

As I said before, his promos can drag on, I'm thinking eventually they will change one half of Raw to the Randy Orton power hour as they are close enough already, and his voice is rather monotonous, but he is great on the mic and his promos are of a quality that is very difficult to find these days.

Randy has won about six championships in his run with WWE which isn't too bad considering he has only been with the company since 2002.

He is a great champion no matter which title he is holding. I know eventually he will get a really good stretch with the title, maybe even sooner than I expect due to the current storyline with Legacy.

Conclusion: Randy deserves every ounce of hype he gets. Although I do think he is overrated in some aspects, he is definitely one of the wrestlers that defines the current generation. He has the skills on the mic, the look and the in-ring skills. One of my only major complaints is his backstage attitude.

There you go: the "most over-hyped" wrestlers in WWE. With all of these guys it is based on who you are a fan of, but everyone thinks at least one of them is over-hyped.

But when you really look at it, they have earned it, even Triple H or John Cena, who are probably the two most heavily criticized people on this list. They have their redeeming factors that make them worthy of being at the top of the WWE.

Many people just need to realize that they watch wrestling to be entertained. not whine like a little bitch when their favorite wrestler doesn't win a heavyweight championship, and all of these guys are entertaining.

We all have our perceptions of people being over-hyped but often it is because on a particular thing we don't agree with.

I leave you with some simple bit of advice, believe in wrestling and wrestlers to the fullest and enjoy the entertainment they provide for you at the risk of their own bodies.


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