What Is Matt Hardy To Do?

Raymond TursherCorrespondent IJune 1, 2009

Ok ok, I've been off for a month because of school (F@*! the administration by the way) and since it's almost done, I figured I'd return!!!

After the Royal Rumble, Matt and Jeff Hardy went at a decent feud till Backlash, with a astounding finish in my opinion...But what's next for Matt Hardy?

He screwed Jeff at JD, but it didn't really matter as Jeff is getting a match on Extreme! I also figure that Jeff is going to win, seeing as how either Matt's blog really did give away that there was an extension or they will give it to him to pop his merch right before the deadline of the contract.


Matt's Options

Shawn Michaels

Matt exhausted his US title resource after losing to MVP and then losing the Three-Way to Kofi. With his position in line for a title at the middle if not way back, I'd guess that he will feud with Shawn Michaels when he comes back, and that is a big WHEN seeing as how that window of time seems to stretch from a few weeks from now to months.


Kofi Kingston

Like I said, Matt can't get a shot for a while at the title, so why not take out the guy who beat him for it. Simply take a chair to MVP and Kofi, have Kofi take it harder than MVP and they feud.

Matt can say that while he has to wait to get a title shot, his brother Jeff gets one handed to him, and since that doesn't fly he is going to take out all the competition that stands in his way up to even the WWE title.

This is a great option as him hunting down other superstars and taking them out would really boost him up as a even better heel.


Last Resort

The very worst option that I can imagine (and my minds hates itself for imagining it) would be for Matt to obliterate Hornswoggle and get Golddust's attention for a while, beat him to a pulp just to buy time to get something better for himself.

These options could either help Matt or buy him time at best as spots open up for him.

Side Note: The status of my Raw vs. Smackdown story is still working, but making three shows takes a while and it will resume quickly once my school year ends this week.