Amare Stoudemire: Countdown To Shutdown In Phoenix

MR. MARKCorrespondent IJune 1, 2009

Amare Stoudemire's days with Phoenix are all but numbered.

He will again be subject to increasing trade talks, and this time around he will more than likely be dealt with.

Other than Nash, nobody was more beloved by the Phoenix fans during the D'Antoni era than Stoudemire. Amare Stoudemire was at one time the greatest offensive weapon within the NBA, as he averaged nearly 40 PPG against the Spurs in the 2005 playoffs. Along with Nash, this man was the Sun's run and gun system.

Now however, Stoudemire's star has all but faded with everyone in Phoenix. Ever since Shaq came to town, he's been assigned to the oft ignored Sun's third option. Despite what others may say, bringing in O'Neal was a fantastic move for Phoenix within the short term.

In the long term however, O'Neal took a big dent into Stoudemire's career. Amare was forced into a more traditional half court game, limiting his strengths (Running/Fast Break Dunks and quick transitional open jumpers) and having to rely more on his weaknesses. (Rebounding and having less lanes to drive in to)

And Stoudemire was not happy about that, whatsoever.

It's been well known that Amare wasn't happy in Phoenix last year, but it just seems to be getting uglier as of late.

When he was asked about his future in Phoenix, Amare replied with: "The most important thing in my eyes is to win a title. I'm not seeing the improvement but hopefully we can get back in the right track in Phoenix and make it happen."

Yes Amare, we know you tried to sugar coat that statement in the end.

Stoudemire also had a few choice words regarding Bosh. "No doubt about it, I'm better than Chris Bosh."

Amare is basically making a case that he, not Bosh, should become the frontline, "second big" acquisition of the Knicks in 2010.

In fact Amare is drooling at the possibility of playing for the Knicks within the future, a team we all know who is coached by Mr. Run and Gun himself.

"I would be totally serious about that," Stoudemire claims.

"First of all, I spend a lot of my childhood years living in (upstate) New York so I have a connection with the state. And also coach D'Antoni, I love the coaching staff with coach D'Antoni. I have a great friendship and relationship with them. And also the city itself, New York the city is so cold (nice) you got to name it twice."

In other words, it's only a matter of time before the relationship between the Suns and Stoudemire end.

G.M. Steve Kerr doesn't seem emphatic about making Amare someone who he could build his franchise around. Stoudemire certainly is looking for greener pastures elsewhere, most notably the Knicks.

In the end, if the Suns get off to a very lackluster start next season, expect Stoudemire to be moved.

A possible trade could include Atlanta, who suits Stoudemire's game quite well and has several pieces that they could give to the Suns. (Joe Johnson, couldn't happen right?) Remember Chris Bosh, word is that a possible Bosh-Stoudemire trade could possibly go down next season.

Or, Amare could just stick with the Suns through next season and sign with the Knicks.

Either way, all signs are pointing to Amare leaving the Phoenix Suns.

Its only a matter of time.

(tick, tick, tick)