Cheap Seats * * * Portland Trailblazers: The Next NBA Dynasty

Chris CharbonnierCorrespondent IApril 21, 2008

If you are a Blazer fan, then you’re probably nuts. You play GM in your mind thousands of times a day. You’ve somehow figured out a way for Portland to get Michael Beasley AND Derrick Rose in the draft. You’ve admitted that you’d be disappointed if the team only wins three championships in the next ten years. If you really are a Blazer fan, you’re more than likely blinded by potential. But hell, that’s only because the future is blinding.

People who don’t follow the Blazers just don’t understand. We all know these people. Like your buddy Ralph who concludes that in a few years, the top team in the west will be the Golden State Warriors. You ask him how that’s possible, and he replies that the Warriors have loads of young talent. Befuddled as you may be, you gather your thoughts and ask him how he expects his team to compete with Portland. “Who’s going to guard Oden” you ask? “Andris Biedrins!” Ralph exclaims. “He’s young, athletic and has spikey hair. I’m telling you, he could shut Oden down.” You laugh for a minute, only to find out that Ralph was completely serious. He looks at the utter shock on your face and says, “man, no one knows about the Warriors. Look at their team bro! Baron Davis! Stephen Jackson! Biedrins! And Monta Ellis! You guys will be good, but having Monta Ellis alone will be enough to win the west.” You know this is a battle you can’t win. It’s impossible to argue with someone who is retarded. It would be like trying to convince Larry the Cable Guy to watch the Martha Stewart Show. Since you see no point in arguing with Ralph over whether the Blazers have more potential than the Warriors, you instead plot to suffocate him in his sleep. You get into bed at night and ponder how it’s actually possible that there are humans who believe Golden State will be better than the Blazers come 2009. You chuckle, shake your head, and proceed to cry until you drift off into visions of Oden with rings on his toes.

To put it simply, the Blazers have more potential than any professional basketball team has ever had. Ever. Don’t let Ralph tell you differently. Who cares if no one on ESPN is talking about it. We’ll probably get some coverage when we start shoveling in trophies. Just in case there is anybody reading this who doesn’t agree with me, I’m going to try and explain everything to you, unless you are Ralph, in which case you should probably do what’s best and jump off the Burnside Bridge. For the rest of you, here is this year’s roster:

PG: Steve Blake, Jarrett Jack, Sergio Rodriguez
SG: Brandon Roy, Von Wafer,
SF: James Jones, Martell Webster, Travis Outlaw, Darius Miles
PF: LaMarcus Aldridge, Channing Frye, Raef LaFrentz, Josh McRoberts
C:  Greg Oden, Joel Pryzbilla.

Now, add to that the three players we have rights to overseas and our four draft picks. That makes 22 players and since a roster can only have fifteen, seven have to go. Miles, the last link to the "jailblazers," is thankfully gone, and LaFrentz might as well start selling his West Hills house today. That makes the roster size 20. Let’s assume that Rudy is the only one who comes over and we leave Freeland and Koponen in Europe. 18. Cut McBob and Von Wafer so we get down to 16. Trade one of our 2nd Rounders away and now we have a roster of 15. So, here’s a look at next years potential roster, which doesn't take into account any trades or moves in the drafts besides getting rid of our #4:

PG: Steve Blake, Sergio Rodriguez, Draft Pick #1
SG: Brandon Roy, Rudy Fernandez, Jarrett Jack
SF: James Jones, Martell Webster, Travis Outlaw
PF: LaMarcus Aldridge, Channing Frye, Draft Pick #2
C:  Greg Oden, Joel Pryzbilla, Draft Pick #3

That is potential. We would only have three guys on a 15-man roster over the age of 25! And all of them would be under 30! That is ridiculous. Take a look at the potential all-stars on that squad. Our #1 Pick (a lottery pick), Rudy Fernandez, Martell Webster, Travis Outlaw, and LaMarcus Aldridge. Oh, forgot to include perennial all-stars Brandon Roy and Greg Oden. 7 potential All-Stars all under the the age of 24 on one team. See the light.

Now, don’t go off and show these rosters to people like Ralph. There little heads would explode. You wouldn’t want any sharp pieces shooting off and hitting an innocent bystander. Keep this information to yourself. Besides, if no one in the league realizes the magnitude of possibilities coming from Portland, then Kevin Pritchard will be free to rob them. And understand, the roster you see above should change this off-season. With so much young talent, trades and roster moves are inevitable. Hopefully, KP continues his run at "NBA's #1 GM" and keeps stockpiling talent. Regardless, the Blazers are in line to build a dynasty the likes of which have never been seen in this modern day NBA. Most outside of Portland do not realize this, but it’s ok, do not try and explain it to them. Let them figure it out for themselves so that you may bathe in their ignorance when we win a championship. Unless of course, their name is Ralph, in which case you should just toss ‘em in the Willamette.