Bayern Munich's Club World Cup Win Sums Up Their Record-Breaking Year

Stefan Bienkowski@@SbienkowskiFeatured ColumnistDecember 21, 2013


Bayern Munich completed their trophy set this weekend with a 2-0 win over Moroccan side Raja Casablanca in the final of the Club World Cup Final in Marrakesh, Morocco, making it a grand total of five trophies for the Bavarian champions this year.

As we have seen, the famous German side conquer all before them and, just as last season's Champions League proved a fitting introduction to this new superpower, the work of new coach Pep Guardiola has set about ensuring that the power remains well and truly fixed on his next goals. 

Bayern began the game with a sense of purpose that has seen off so many opponents of late and were able to make short work of the Moroccan side with two goals in the opening 25 minutes, goals that ultimately proved more than enough to see them win the game.

Brazilian star Dante was at home in the middle of the pitch as Raja continued to back off the German stars, ensuring Guardiola's side always had the upper foot in this duel. Better sides have tried and failed to go toe-to-toe with this special team and, as of yet, none have got in the way of Bayern's desires. 

As such it was the Samba defender who opened the scoring with a loose ball in the middle of the Raja six-yard box, allowing the centre-back to knock the ball home with relative ease. 

The second goal wasn't far behind when another powerful run and cutback from David Alaba—the same move that has undone countless defences across the continent this season—offered a platform for the promising defender simply to lay off a shot for Thiago Alcantara, who duly obliged and casually tucked a curled shot inside the far post. 

It was rather telling that young Thiago got the nod to lead Bayern's midfield in this match, considering his recent transfer to the club and injuries of late.

Yet the Spanish prodigy sprayed passes amongst his teammates as if he'd never stepped foot outside of Munich for all his 22 years, giving a wonderful display of not only his own abilities but that of Bayern's unmatched strength in depth. 

On a match-day that saw Borussia Dortmund and Bayer Leverkusen both lose their final matches in the Bundesliga before the winter break, as each continues to struggle to tackle the unlimited tasks of a modern campaign on two fronts with limited resources, it was a testament to Bayern's brute strength that such stars as Arjen Robben and Bastian Schweinsteiger have been injured for a number of weeks yet entirely forgotten in Guardiola's crusade against all before him. 

Such excellence is why the Bavarian club are currently top of the Bundesliga table with a game in hand and seven points to spare, and equally telling of their comfortable position in the current task of retaining the Champions League.

This is a feat no club has managed in the modern era yet you just can't rule out this team. 

As Pep & Co. return to Germany to what will undoubtedly be a hero's welcome, they settle down for a well-earned winter break after what has been in every sense a perfect year for this mighty club.

Records have been broken, old foes defeated and, most importantly, competitions and trophies have been claimed.

Yes, Bayern Munich will sleep well throughout their winter slumber, safe in the knowledge that, at this point in time, nobody can touch them. All while the rest of Europe licks its wounds over the course of some long, sleepless nights.

Five trophies down for Bayern, plenty more to go.