NFL: The Overrated and Underrated

Drake EckCorrespondent IApril 21, 2008

As most of you know the NFL has its overrated players, teams, etc. and the underrated players, teams, etc.  Here are a few that really stand out to me.

The Overrated:

Shaun Alexander — Most say Shaun Alexander is the most overrated HB in the NFL and I am going to have to agree. I will give him this, though, he did win the MVP award in '05, but ever since then I kind of get the felling he has gotten a little egotistical.

And you always know what that leads to. Certainly nothing good and that is exactly what he has become.

Brian Urlacher
— Brian Urlacher was one of the best LBs. He was, at worst, the second-best linebacker in the NFL (placing only behind Ray Lewis).

He was probably was the biggest reason for the Chicago Bears’ defensive success. Ever since this past season, I just don't think he is as great of a LB he used to be. Many think he is still the best LB in the NFL.

The reason I say he is overrated is he is the leader of the Bears defense and has done well in the past, but ever since their defense went down to 26th in the league, I think he has been worn out.

Terrell OwensThe Cowboys are a very successful team. Owens is a big reason for that, but he is also the reason why they weren't the best.

Terrell Owens is a good WR but not quite great. The only thing that is restraining him from being great is he drops to many passes in the big situations and he drops to many passes in general.

Two seasons ago he led the league in passes dropped. Something I'm curious about is if he is really worth all the trouble.

You have to throw the ball to him. If he is double covered the whole game, you still have to pass to him, or in the press conference or on the field to Romo and the coaches, you’re going to hear him complain about how he doesn't get the ball.

I'm sure you heard, but the game Jessica Simpson (Romo's personal little cheerleader) came to, Romo choked. He went 13 for 36 threw zero TDs and three picks. The next day you heard Owens telling Simpson to stay away from Romo.

Is he really worth all the trouble?

Edgerrin James — "Arizona's offense is stacked!" That's all I heard from friends, family, media, etc. when they got Edge.

When I heard Edge left Indy for Arizona, I thought to myself, "Oh crap. How are we going to find a better HB than Edge?"

I also thought ,"Arizona's running game is going to be great for the next couple of years."

Then came along 2006, the first year the Colts didn't have James and the first season in a while the Cardinals had a good HB.

Then came the first six games.

Those first six games with the Cards, James only had two rushing TDs (as many as Manning had by then). As the season went on, I thought, "Wow I really thought Edge was good, but ever since he went to a team with possibly the worst O-line he has been nothing."

The first season the Colts didn't have him, Addai did something James couldn't do.

Do you remember a couple years back? AFC Championship Patriots vs. Colts.

"The Colts are inside the five, folks. They can win it by scoring a TD.  That's all they have to do and they are headed to the Super Bowl"

First down, James stuffed. Second down, James stuffed. Third down, James stopped again.

"Boy the Patriots are really putting up a fight.

“Fourth down, the last chance the Colts have to making it to the Super Bowl. The handoff to James. James is stopped and the Patriots are going to the Super Bowl.”

In the Addai version of the story, Addai ran untouched into the end zone to lead the Colts onto the Super Bowl.

The Underrated

Marc Bulger — The Rams were obviously not the best team this year. I have to give it to Marc Bulger, though.

For being on second-worst team in the NFL, he did pretty well. He threw for 15 TDs, 2,392 yards, and 11 picks.

He has made the Pro Bowl a few times and considering he is on the Rams, that is pretty darn good.

Chad Pennington — All Jets fans can do is whine, whine, whine about how Chad Pennington does them no good and how he isn't strong enough.

I have to admit he isn't the strongest guy, but the Jets don't have the best WRs either. Nine out of the 12 games they lost were lost by 10 points or fewer in 2007.

Pennington is a big reason why they almost pulled those games off. Yes, he did have nine INTs, but, like I said, they don't have the best WRs.

Rudi Johnson — No, he did not have the best season in 2007, but in past years he has been possibly the best HB in the league.

Johnson has a lot of potential. He is quick, powerful, and when he is in open field he can take it all the way.

Two seasons ago, when the Bengals were one of the top teams, he had 1,309 yards 81.8 yards a game and 12 TDs.

As long as he stays healthy and has a good team surrounding him, I think he is the best HB in the league.