Brian Scott Gambles On His Tires and Wins The AAA Insurance 200

Horn FanSenior Writer IJune 1, 2009

First, let me say Happy Birthday to Krista Voda and now let's get to another exciting action packed truck race.

Brian Scott gets his first career win on a gutsy call by his crew chief Jeff Hensley to stay out on a late caution, gambling on his tires holding out the last 15 laps of the race.

Scott would survive a race filled with tire issues, use track position to his advantage and earns a nerve racking first win.

Since with 10 trucks losing right fronts, he had to be praying the right front held up those last 15 laps of the race and Dover gave us another classic race.

Ron Hornaday starts on the pole in the No. 33 VFW Chevrolet, next to him on the outside pole is Colin Braun in the No. 6 Con-Way Freight Ford.

Then Brian Scott in the No. 16 Albertson Toyota will start third and Johnny Sauter in the No. 13 Funsand/Rodney Atkins Chevrolet rolls off fourth.

Rounding out the top five is Chad McCumbee in the No. 07 Tiwi Chevrolet.

It was the third race of seven to be delayed due to rain in 2009 and the pit window is 75 to 85 laps. NASCAR also will throw a mandatory caution flag on Lap 35.

On the Lap 1 green flag start, Hornaday would take the green have one of patented great starts and pulls away from Braun going into turn one.

Kyle Busch in the No. 51 Miccosukee Resorts Toyota started 10th, he would make a couple of three wide passes and be fourth coming back to the stripe.

Mike Skinner in the No. 5 Randy Moss Motorsports Toyota and Terry Cook in the No. 25 Cajun Industries Toyota would have minor contact on the open lap.

On Lap 2, the first caution came out for J.R. Fitzpatrick in the No. 4 Equipment Express Chevrolet, getting loose on the low side touching the apron with his left front and spinning just kissing the inside wall.

On Lap 4, once pit road was open, Fitzpatrick would pit for new tires and to get his fenders pulled out.

Skinner who thought he had a tire going down, would not come to pit road but stay out on the track.

Cook did come to pit road for tires and for his crew to pull his left front fender back off of the tire.

On the Lap 5 restart, Hornaday had another great restart and would pull away from Brian Scott in second.

Busch would pass Braun on the high side for third and starts to pressure Scott in second.

On Lap 6, Busch would go to the highside to pass Scott for second and charge after Hornaday the leader.

On Lap 7, Braun and Todd Bodine in the No. 30 Toyota would make contact racing side by side and result in Braun losing his bumper bar.

Which Bodine drove over, followed by Mario Gosselin in the No. 72 James Carter Attorney Chevrolet would lose a tire from running over it and end up in the wall.

He'd damage the right side of his truck and a third truck drove over it also, but apparently didn't have any problems.

Skinner would also pit on this caution for new tires and adjustments.

On The Lap 12 restart, Hornaday would pull away from busch in second, but coming into turn three Busch got a run and would pass him on the high side for the lead.

On Lap 13, Busch leads pulls away from Hornaday, who seemed to just let him without racing him too hard so early.

On Lap 15, Busch would open a half second lead on Hornady in second.

On Lap 17, the third caution came out for Brandon Knupp No. 47 Fast Track 11 Degreaser Chevrolet would lose a transmission stalling on track.

Also T.J. Belll in the No. 11 Toyota would get damaged after bouncing his Tundra a couple of times off of the wall.

On the Lap 21 restart, Busch takes the green, Hornaday goes to the bottom takes the lead, but Busch comes back and retakes the lead.

On Lap 23, Busch opens up about a six truck length lead on Hornaday in second, Scott  in third a couple of truck length away from being on Hornaday's bumper.

On Lap 24, both Bodine and Skinner are working there way back up front after being on pit road early in the race.

On Lap 26, Busch leads by over a second on Hornaday, and Scott in third is 1.4 seconds back.

After 29 Laps, Busch leads by 1.738 seconds, Hornaday second, Scott third, Braun fourth, and Sauter fifth.

On Lap 30 Busch continues to widen his lead, right now the best racing is between Braun in fourth and Sauter in fifth. They are battling it out for those positions.

On Lap 32, Busch leads by 2.312 seconds on Hornaday, and Scott in third starts to close in on Hornaday again.

On Lap 33, Braun in fourth, has Sauter in fifth all over his bumper as he tries to pass Braun on the bottom a second time, but can't make the pass stick.

On Lap 34, the fourth caution comes out as Hornaday loses a right front, would hit the wall pretty hard, pancake the right-side. He would be the first of many during the race who lost tires.

Horn would head behind pit wall, were his crew chief Rick Ren and his pit crew plus a couple of team members in street clothes got to work fixing the truck.

Speed's Ray Allen, commented on Hornaday's repairs taking 100 laps at best if they could repair the truck at all. But before the race is over we see the No. 33 bruised and battered back on the track.

Everyone pits for tires, it's not the mandatory caution flag yet and teams can't take fuel. NASCAR due to the three early cautions changed the mandatory caution to lap 45 from Lap 35.

On the Lap 40 restart, Busch takes the green, but Scott before Busch gets to the line started to pass him and coming into turn one he gives the spot back in NASCAR eyes by ducking back in line behind Busch.

On Lap 42, both Bodine who's running sixth and Skinner's running in ninth have made great recoveries after having the misfortune of early pit stops for tires.

On Lap 45, the mandatory caution (fifth) comes out, everyone will come to pit road making one or two stops. Some just for fuel, others will get tires, adjustments and come back in for fuel. 

On Lap 50, after pit stops; the top five: Johnny Benson in the No. 1 Red Horse Racing Toyota leads, Timothy Peters in the No. 17 Toyota runs in second, Stacy Compton in the No. 60 SafeAuto Insurance Toyota runs in third, Jason White in the No. 23 Dodge runs in fourth and Matt Crafton in the No. 88 Australian Gold Chevrolet runs in fifth.

On the Lap 52 restart, Benson takes the green, puts a block on Peters going into turn one and pulls away from him.

Compton jumps on the high side coming into turn three and passes Peters for second.

On Lap 53, Busch would pass White for fourth and Peters for third.

On Lap 54, Busch catches and passes Compton for second and starts chasing down Benson the leader.

On Lap 56, Benson still leads by about five truck length, but Busch is coming reeling him in and should pass him in a lap or two.

On Lap 58, Peters would slow due to a flat left rear after contact with David Starr in the No. 25 Toyota's splitter. 

The field gets by okay, but Braun just slightly touches him and Peters would get to pit road for new tires.

On Lap 60, Benson hold off Busch for now seems to be just a tick faster than Busch right now. Busch has been on his bumper, but catching and passing Benson when he has a good truck is a tough task to accomplish.

On Lap 64, the best racing on the track right now is between Benson leading and Busch in second and they have been battling it out the last few laps have been exciting too watch.

On Lap 69 Brian Ickler would lose a right front, made slight contact with the wall but made it to pit road okay and no caution resulted from it.

On Lap 70, Tayler Malsam in the No. 81 One-Eighty Toyota was running in the top 10, but had been falling back to 22nd comes to the pits unscheduled due to a vibration.

On  Lap 72, Busch would finally after making repeated pass attempts, finally makes one stick and passes Benson for the lead on the high side.

On Lap 74, Busch leading pulls away from Benson in second and Bodine passes Crafton for third.

On Lap 77, the sixth caution comes out for debris, when James Buescher in the No. 10 International Maxx Force Diesel Ford blows out his right front tire under caution and since it happened under yellow he'll stay on the lead lap.

On Lap 78, he'd pit put new tires on the right side and went back out, but would come the next lap for a sheet metal patch and gets left side tires.

On Lap 80, everyone pits making the first of two stops, for tires, fuel and adjustments.

After pits stops on Lap 83 the top five was; Skinner leading, Scott Wimmer in the No. 31 Wolfpack Rentals Chevrolet runs in second, Chris Fontaine in the No. 84 BDH Construction /Glenden Enterprises Chevrolet runs in third, Bodine runs in fourth and Scott runs in fifth.

Under caution, Speed showed the No. 33 team still hard at work on Horn's truck. Basically the entire right front been taking out and they're rebuilding a new one for him.

On Lap 85 restart, Skinner takes the green, Wimmer stays on his bumper and tries to pass him on the low side, but can't make it stick.

On the restart Busch was 10th, he basically made it three wide charging up by the wall and in a lap he's up to third.

On Lap 86, Busch in third passes Wimmer for second and starts reeling in Skinner the leader.

On Lap 87, Busch catches and passes Skinner on the high side for the lead.

On Lap 92, Bodine loses a left rear tire, it took him a lap to get too pit road.

On Lap 93, Bodine misses the commitment cone, coming to pit road for tires, he'll have to serve a pass through penalty and be three laps down since it under green.

After 98 Laps, the top five was; Busch leading, Skinner second, Wimmer third, Scott fourth and Fontaine fifth.

On Lap 100, the seventh caution comes out for a fire in Buescher's truck involving the right front and probably had some tire pieces wrapped around the axle from the Lap 77 blow out. 

Everyone on this caution comes to pit roads, making the first of two stops.

After pit stops, the top five was; Fontaine leading, Benson second, Sauter third, Scott fourth and McCumbee fifth.

On the Lap 107 restart, Fontaine takes the green, with Benson on his bumper, but Busch up high goes three wide from six to first for the lead in one laps time.

On Lap 109, Busch pulls way for a from Benson in second by 0.944 seconds.

After 110 Laps, the top five is; Busch leading, Benson second, Fontaine third, Sauter fourth and Mccumbee fifth.

On Lap 112, Busch leads by 1.5 seconds on Benson in second, Sauter gets third from Fontaine and charges after Benson in second.

On Lap 113, Sauter would pass Benson for second place and seems to be making up some time on Busch the leader.

On Lap 115, Busch leads Sauter in second by 1.328 seconds.

On Lap 116, the top five was; Busch leading, Sauter second, Benson third, Starr fourth and McCumbee fifth.

On Lap 117, Scott has made his way up to eighth, looks really good and is working his way to the front.

On Lap 119, Busch still leads, the best racing is McCumbee in fifth and Braun in sixth.

On Lap 120, Busch leads close to two seconds on Sauter and David Starr passes Johnny Benson for third.

After 121 Laps, Busch has lead 79 laps to day leading and so far has just dominated the race.

On Lap 123, Busch leads Sauter in second by 2.328 seconds and Starr in third starts to pressure Sauter for second.

After 125 Laps, the top five was; Busch leading, Sauter second, Starr third, Benson fourth and McCumbee fifth.

On Lap 128, Busch still leads, Starr passes Sauter for second and McCumbee passes Benson for fourth.

On Lap 132, the eighth caution comes out as Johnny Benson who loses a right front tire and because of the tire issues NASCAR is letting the teams have an extra set of right side tires.

Once the pits open up, everyone came to pit road for the first of two stops, for tires, adjustments and then fuel.

On Lap 136, after pit stops Braun leads, Scott second, Busch third, Crawford fourth and Skinner fifth.

On the Lap 140 restart, Braun takes the green, with Scott in second goes low to try for the lead and can't make the pass stick.

Busch would pass Scott for second on the high side and then gets Braun going into turn three and passes him for the lead.

On Lap 142, the ninth caution comes out for debris on the track.

After 143 Laps, the top five was; Busch leading, Braun second, Scott third, Crawford fourth and Starr fifth.

On the Lap 145 restart, Busch takes the green pulls away passes the lapped truck of Bodine and puts him between himself and Braun in second.

On Lap 147, Busch has a six truck length lead on Braun in second and the lapped truck of Bodine starts to pressure Busch to get a lap back.

On Lap 149, Busch lets Bodine by, continues to lead has a second lead on Braun in second.

On Lap 151, Busch leads, but hasn't extended it like earlier in the race, he's just driving to conserving his tires and one of the lucky teams to have a set of sticker tires left to put on.

On Lap 153, Busch will probably pit again, but Braun in second, Scott in third, Crawford in fourth and Starr in fifth are able to race to the finish.

On Lap 154, Busch has a 1.238 seconds lead on Braun in second.

On Lap 156, Busch has lengthened his lead over Braun in second to 1.434 seconds.

After 158 laps the top five was; Busch leading, Braun in second, Scott third, Crawford fourth and Starr fifth.

On Lap 161, Busch continues lead has a 1.5 second lead on Braun in second, the best racing is Crawford in fourth and Starr in fifth.

On Lap 164, Busch stretches it out some more and leads now by 1.632 seconds on Braun in second.

Crawford has contact with Starr as they battle for fourth and fifth and loses a left rear tire to Starr's splitter.

He'll make it to pit road okay, but will be three laps down since it happened under green.

On Lap 168, Brian Scott in third has caught Braun in second and starts working to pass him on the low side.

On Lap 170, Braun second, Scott third and Starr fourth are all racing together for those positions.

Braun would benefit put some distance on both Scott and Starr as they stated to race each other for third and fourth respectively.

On Lap 171, Starr would pass Scott on the high side and take third.

On Lap 173, Busch continues to lead, Starr in third would try to pass Braun, but he can't make the pass stick.

On Lap 175, The best racing on the track in the top five as Braun in second has Starr in third pressuring him and Skinner fifth is on Scott's bumper in fourth.

On Lap 178, Scott in fourth would hold off Skinner in fifth, Sauter in sixth caught the two and would pass Skinner for fifth.

On Lap 180, Busch still leads, Braun in second gets pressured from Starr in third who's right there working on passing him.

On Lap 182, Busch still leads, Braun in second continues holding off Starr in third.

On Lap 183, Busch leading seemed to slow like he was going to pit, when he lost his right front and stays high as the field gets by him okay.The caution hasn't come out yet.

On Lap 184, Braun who just took the lead loses his right front tire, hits the outside wall hard and the ninth caution comes out.

Busch would trying to get to pit road bounce his truck off or the outside wall.

On Lap 185, under caution the top five was; Starr leading, Scott second, Sauter third, Skinner fourth and McCumbee fifth.

On Lap 186, Scott, Dennis Setzer in the No. 8 Malcolmson Construction Chevrolet, White and Sauter stay out, everyone else pits for two or four tires and a few will make two stops since they add a splash of fuel.

By staying out, Scott inherits the lead by gambling on his tires holding up and try to get that first win.

Not surprised his crew chief Jeff Hensley would make a call like this, they have used pit strategy to their advantage late in races and got a couple of top 10 finishes from it.

On the Lap 189 restart, Scott would take the green pulls away from Setzer in second by a couple of truck length. Busch who restarted 14th, coming into turn three he's back in the top 10.

On Lap 190, Hornaday would make it back on track, his crew worked hard replacing the entire right front end and he picked up one position by making it back to the race.

On Lap 191, Scott still leads, has about a four truck length lead on Setzer in second, Starr in fifth starts to pressure Sauter in fourth.

On Lap 192, Scott continues to lead, Starr is all over Sauter's bumper.

On Lap 193, Scott leads by 0.011 seconds over Setzer in second, White in third starts to feel pressure from Starr in fourth.

On Lap 194, Scott still leads, has Setzer right on his bumper, but done a good job holding him off.

On Lap 195, Scott opens up a five truck length lead on Setzer in second, Starr would take fourth passing Sauter.

On Lap 196, Scott still leads, Setzer right on his bumper and the two continue to pull away from the rest of the field.

On Lap 197, Scott still leads, Setzer has been able to make a pass on him, Starr passes White for third.

On Lap 198, Scott has a eight truck length lead over Setzer in second.

Scott would take the white flag on Lap 199, he just needs to make it back to the stripe, Setzer fell to far back too catch him in just one lap.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Scott comes out of turn four, takes the checkers for a nerve racking first career win in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series and it's just awesome to see this hardworking team finally get to victory lane.

Scott would lead the finally 14 laps, his crew chief jimmy Hensley made a great call that looked bad with all the right front tire issues, but in the end it had to be a sweet victory and a nerve racking one.

He did the victory burn out saluting the fans, then thanked his Dad, then his mom and the fans.

Dennis Setzer ran a great race tonight, it's nice to see MRD Motorsports get a decent finish and hope they can get some sponsor help to run more often. They showed tonight they have too good of a team to just run part-time.

David Starr survived to get third, he did pit on that last caution for two tires, but just couldn't use them to his advantage.

Jason White would run a great race, he got a career best finish fourth place finish and nice to see get their first top five as a owner.

Rookie Johnny Sauter would finish fifth, he was the Raybestos Rookie of the race, ran a great race and now tied with Tayler Malsam in the rookie standings.

Six through 10th is as follows; Matt Crafton, Chad McCumbee, Mike Skinner, Kyle Busch and Terry Cook.

Here's a few quotes from first-time winner Brian Scott.

"I watched all those tires blow--it was kind of scary," said Scott.

"We just had a balanced truck. We weren't abusing one tire too much."

"But my crew chief (Jeff Hensley) just kept me calm and kept saying that we were getting really good tire wear." 

"Track position at the end--we played the game perfectly, and I commend him. There were times when I didn't think it was the right call or we were going to be in position, but it all worked out, and now we're in victory lane, baby."

"Victory lane, baby! Woo hoo!" he screamed on the team radio just after crossing the finish line.

"All I was thinking was, 'Oh great, I'm going to get the white and then I'm going to blow a tire going into (Turn) 1," said Scott.

"Then I made it through (Turns) 1 and 2, and then I thought it's going to take a little longer for me to ruin this thing. So I went into 3 and 4 and sure enough I came around and hit the checkered."

"I was beside myself. I didn't know what to think. My heart was pumping, I don't think I breathed the last 10 laps."

Here's a great quote from this Kid, and why he's going to go far in NASCAR.

"It's Just an awesome feeling," he said after the race.

"Your exuberant. You're ecstatic. You have every emotion because your whole life goes into this. You work day in day out. The guys bust their backs. Everybody is putting in so many hours. There's so much money and there's so much sponsorship and there's so much stress on the driver, especially an up-and-coming driver like myself that's trying to make it to the next stage. Once you feel like the monkey is off your back and the burden is washed away it's a great feeling to let yourself release."

Ron Hornaday would remain the points leader, although the points have tightened up. He leads Mike Skinner by 27 points and Matt Crafton by 29 points.

The next race is, the WinStar World Casino 400 at Texas Motor Speedway on Friday June 5 with the Set-Up Show at 8:30PM and 9:00PM Race Time on Speed.

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