Who Is The Best On Both Stanley Cup Teams?

Billy WeltzerContributor IMay 31, 2009

We are all looking at Sidney Crosby to be the difference in the Stanley Cup Playoffs right?

WRONG. Here is why: I like well-rounded players. That means they can hit, pass, shoot, and BACK CHECK!

Excuse me, did I say that back check? That is something that Sidney Crosby does not like to do. I have been watching the playoffs, and hello? Where is Crosby on the back check?

He has enough speed to get up the ice and take the puck all by himself (usually loosing it trying to do it all), but he is not passing as much as possible. He does not skate his heart out like Kennedy, or Staal, or even Satan (him and his huge turns).

Alright, here is what you're here to see. The best players on each team...

For Pittsburgh: You guessed it...Evgeni Malkin

That is something that can't be denied. He has 12 goals in 18 games. This guy is the real deal. He also has 17 assists in those 18 games. That means he has 29 points in 18 games! He averages 1.61 points per game. He is the Penguin's go-to-guy for a great pass or astounding clutch goal. He also has speed (oh boy does he have speed). His speed creates great chances, and thus he has excellent stats with goals and assists.  

We all know that the defense opens opportunities for him and his line mate (defense doesn't get enough credit in general), but once that puck is on his stick, great things occur. He is a guy you can base a team around...not Crosby. Best of luck to the Pittsburgh Penguins!

For Detroit: Henrik Zetterberg 

I would like to say this was the most difficult choice I have ever made for this site.

There are so many players on Detroit that could make this list, but i have to hand it to Zetterberg. 

He does not light up the stat boards, but he is sixth in goals with 9, eighth in assists with 10, fifth in points with 19, and third in plus/minus with plus 11 (These stats are all from the 2009 playoffs as of 5/31).

Those stats show that he is an amazing all-around player. He has it all just like his counterpart, Malkin. Even though I focus on Malkin more, you have to notice Zetterberg.

Whenever you hear the announcer talk it always seems that he says Zetterberg.

Almost everyone has noticed how he completely shut down Crosby in Game One. Once Crosby dished that hit on him in open ice, that was the beginning of the end of Crosby's night. Well, that is basically what I have to say on Zetterberg, but i do think he is a great all around player. Good Luck to the Red Wings!


Who do you want to win?

I do want Pittsburgh to win because they have fought so hard for this, and Detroit looked like they barley broke a sweat (they are that good). Also, remember last year? Same two teams and Detroit won. It would be nice to tie up the Cup Series 1-1.

Who do you think is going to win?

I do like Detroit, don't get me wrong, but I like the underdogs. DETROIT IS PROBABLY GOING TO WIN. That's it. They are just better all-around  than Pittsburgh. I could not think of a better series. I love these teams at this intensity.