High School Basketball Team Loses After Fans Rush Court a Second Too Early

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Patience is a good thing. Heck, when it comes to high school basketball games, some might even say it's the best of things. 

The Oregonian's Nick Daschel (h/t Yahoo! Sports) reports a group of fans couldn't contain their jubilation for the requisite one second remaining in the game, and it cost the home team dearly. 

According to the report, Hockinson High School of Brush Prairie (Wash.) was squaring off with Camas High (Wash.) in an emotional game that featured a late rally and pivotal free throws. 

With a second on the clock, Alan Haagen was fouled shooting a three. The young athlete reportedly stepped up to the line and handled his business like Scott Howard in Teen Wolf, giving his team a 71-70 lead. 

That's when a group of students ran about 12 feet onto the court to celebrate the win. However, we have to backtrack a couple of sentences and remind you that there was still one second left in the game. 

As we have seen from countless buzzer-beaters, a second—while not a lifetime as is so gallantly tossed aboutis enough time to affect the game. 

It was also enough for officials to call a technical foul on Hockinson and give a pair of tosses from the charity stripe to Camas. 

I'm sure we don't have to tell you what happened, but we will. Camas took the game when Jordan Lenard stepped up to the line like Mick to beat the crowd favorite like some alternate-universe Teen Wolf

Hockinson coach Trevor Person chimed in with his thoughts:

[My players] were bummed and frustrated. It was a fun and entertaining game. They did what they had to do to win the game. To have an outside situation dictate the outcome was a little disappointing. I wanted our players to have the feeling of what it’s like to win a game like that.

We only assume that he whispered this through a clenched jaw, while angry perspiration dripped from his forehead. 

Now before you chide those students, please remember that we all make mistakes. Coach Person, after he consoled a shocked collection of teenagers in the locker room, went to comfort another group of weary teens. 

On the students who rushed the court, the coach remarked:

I don’t know if they were crying or not, but their heads were in their hands. I told the student section thank you. I didn’t want that situation to dictate how they cheer for us. Our crowd was phenomenal. I don’t want to fault an exciting student section.

If Person doesn't already sound like the gosh-golly nicest guy in the world, he reportedly had this to say about the game's officials and their decision to call a technical that resulted in a 72-71 loss: "I’ve never seen that played called. I don’t want say anything negative about what they called. They did a phenomenal job of calling the game."

The Columbian, which also reported on the game, states Hockinson was actually down five points with 1:37 left on the clock, so you can see what the fuss was all about when it came to the ecstatic group of fans. 

Hold your heads high, kids. It could always be worse...because you could be the Stanford band

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