Mike Woodson Reportedly Being Evaluated by Knicks on 'Game-by-Game Basis'

Ethan Norof@ethan_norofCorrespondent IDecember 20, 2013

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Mike Woodson's time as New York Knicks head coach may be quickly running out.

A tumultuous start to New York's season has led to many clamoring for the team to fire Woodson as head coach, and it sounds as if the front office is starting to contemplate the possibility that the team would be better off with a new voice.

According to ESPN's Ian Begley, Woodson is being evaluated on a "game-by-game basis" by New York's front office.

Does that sound like a guy who has the support of those he needs to survive for a full season?

NEW YORK, NY - JANUARY 30:  Carmelo Anthony #7 of the New York Knicks is congratulated by head coach Mike Woodson after Anthony was pulled from the game against the Orlando Magic on January 30, 2013 at Madison Square Garden in New York City. This marked A
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Woodson has been a company man since taking over at the helm, but there has been so much turbulence inside Madison Square Garden this season that it may not matter. 

Although Jeff Van Gundy was right when he said the Knicks' problem was the roster and not the coach, someone is going to have to take the fall if the team continues to underwhelm.

The Knicks' season has been a combination of unreasonable expectations, injuries and poor play, and although Woodson deserves some blame for some of the things that have ailed the Knicks, he's certainly not the root of the problem. He said he needs a healthy roster to turn things around, per Frank Isola of the New York Daily News:

We were hurt right out of the gate and it’s not a thing of me sitting here making excuses, that’s reality. And until we can get back and get guys back in uniform, mainly the core guys, plus the pieces that we’ve gotten new on this team in place, it’s hard to really judge who the New York Knicks are as far as I’m concerned from a coaching standpoint. I’m desperately (hoping) and anxious to try to get back to where we were a year ago. But I need to have a full deck just to see where we are as a basketball team.

There is only one show people need to see in New York, and it's not on Broadway. 

They might not be good, and some nights are especially ugly, but at least we can always count on the Knicks for some great entertainment.

Firing Mike Woodson would solve absolutely nothing for a team that is filled with problems.