Cleveland Is Where LeBron James' Heart Is: He Will Stay a Cav

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Cleveland Is Where LeBron James' Heart Is: He Will Stay a Cav
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So the Cavs got bounced out of the playoffs yet again after a dream season by a hungry, defiant, young, and up-and-coming Orlando team.

LeBron left the arena in a hurry and didn't even take time to congratulate anyone on the winning team.

He didn't even stop to talk to reporters.

Some Cleveland fans are a little uneasy on his uncharacteristic exit from the arena after the Cavs Saturday night loss of 103-90 in Game Six of the Eastern Conference Finals.

But have no fear Cleveland fans LeBron has no intention of leaving the Cavaliers. He is just extremely frustrated at the fact that his team finished with one of the best records in NBA history and failed to reach the Finals. 

The situation in Cleveland is like the situation in Los Angeles right after Shaq departed and the Lakers took a huge plunge from, competing for a championship every season to a being a rebuilding team that was lucky to even make the last seed in the playoffs. 

When Los Angeles fans feared Kobe would leave the Lakers for an immediate contender it seemed like he was entertaining thoughts of leaving LA—but he always came to the media and said "I wanna be a Laker for life."

The fact that LeBron is an Ohio native should help justify and reinforce in the minds of Cavs fans that the King has no intention of leaving Cleveland. LeBron is just frustrated.

LeBron's current situation is like Jordan's '80s Bulls. They were a young team just trying to get all of their players in position. As good as LeBron is, he needs to fine-tune some parts of his game, mature a little bit, and in no time he will start winning rings—just like the original No. 23.

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