Top 10 GP's When The Result Of The Race Didn't Matter

Ann GryCorrespondent IMay 31, 2009

SINGAPORE - SEPTEMBER 28:  Renault F1 Team Principal Flavio Briatore (centre left) and Fernando Alonso (centre right) of Spain and Renault celebrate with team mates in the pitlane after Alonso won the Singapore Formula One Grand Prix at the Marina Bay Street Circuit on September 28, 2008 in Singapore.  The event is the first Formula One race to be held at night.  (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

I know. The results ALWAYS matter.

But sometimes there are some other interesting things besides championship points. In my last article I told you about my F1 marriage crisis.

Lately, I’m remembering happy memories from our good times when tyres were grooved and Jenson was at the back of the grid.

In general I’m talking about GPs when the headlines next day were not "XYZ won the race" but rather "XYZ gained illegal advantage over ABC" or "XYZ peed into ABC’s cockpit."

By the way, did someone ever pee in someone’s cockpit?

Singapore GP 2008

First night race, we all imagined this like a big party with racing. Unfortunately someone boring decided to stay on European time, so the drivers were eating lunch at 9 am and walking the track in the middle of the night.

Alonso won thanks to his team-mate who crushed as usual and brought safety car on track. Kimi did the same for Felipe but it was too late and he didn’t hear the communicate “kamikaze action cancelled, I repeat…”.

Brazilian GP 2006

That was the last race of Michael Schumacher and the fact that Alonso secured the title wasn’t celebrated enough. Felipe Massa won the race, wearing ugly green overall.

Schumi received lifetime achievement award from Pele, and there was a huge, red ribbon on his Ferrari. During the usual grid-interviews, Martin Brundle asked Kimi why did he miss the presentation by Pele and the answer was “I was having a sh*t”. That was hilarious.

Hungarian GP 2007

Lewis had 3 point advantage over Fernando, and eleven points more than third placed Felipe. Nobody was even thinking about Kimi taking the crown. Alonso held Hamilton up in the pit lane, denying Hamilton a chance to record a final lap time.

People started talking about Fernando’s childish behavior and that was amazing. McLaren and Alonso gave the stewards different explanations. Due to this they lost the points they won during this race. They were trying to appeal for them but after the Stepney-gate they lost all of their points.

2005 United States Grand Prix

Fourteen cars were out of competition due to safety problems with Michelin tyres. Ferrari, Minardi and Jordan supplied by Bridgestone competed which means that there were six cars on track.

That was one and only victory for Schumi during that season. Thanks to this race Ferrari picked up some crucial points. Otherwise they would be behind Toyota in the constructors standings. Until this season it sounded crazy.

China GP 2008

Chinese circuit looks like a bunny! Wait, there was something else…Kubica was out of championship…Alonso said he’ll help Massa, (and he did by not overtaking him during the race).

He said this during a press conference with Hamilton sitting in front of him. The race was boring and the only exciting thing was waiting for Kimi to let Felipe overtake him in order to increase his championship hopes.

It was so obvious that nobody even commented on that. Wait, there was something more…OH! Here’s what Kimi said on Saturday:  

Finally, things seemed to go right for me in qualifying. It's too late for the title, but we definitely learnt a lesson which will be useful for the next year.

He was right. Perfect qualifying this year.

Brazilian GP 2003

I remember that there were only two drivers on the podium, Kimi and Giancarlo. Third placed Alonso was receiving a medical help. Half of the grid didn’t finish the race due to accidents and collisions.

Mark Webber had accident and the race was yellow-flagged. Fernando didn’t slow down and hit one of Webber's tyres at full speed. His tyres were send across the circuit. They blocked the track and the race was red flagged.

Although Kimi was classified as a winner, the stewards later decided that the winner was Giancarlo. Two weeks later during San Marino GP, Ron Dennis and Kimi gave the winner trophies to Fisico and Eddie Jordan.  

Japan GP 2008

During start, Lewis was passed by Kimi and got nervous, so along with Heikki, he pushed Kimi off track. Felipe had problems with braking and hit Lewis’s car. Hamilton was spun round by the contact and was dropped to 18th place.

Both Felipe and Lewis received drive-trough penalties. When asked about stewards decision of Hamilton’s penalty, Fernando answered “I don't know what he did, but it's good he's punished anyway”. Of course, Hamilton didn’t respond to that.

European GP 2007

Fernando and Felipe had a nice fight in front of the cameras. These days we can’t see much tension between the drivers. I was hoping for Alonso-Hamilton soap opera, but besides Fernando’s few mean allusions towards Lewis, nothing interesting ever happened.

After the race, Fernando accused Felipe over their collision. Felipe got nervous and started screaming in Italian but all I got was "vai a cagare" which is an insult. Unfortunately there was no physical contact. And was probably the last time when Ron Dennis hugged Alonso.

European GP 2008

I don’t even know why I’ve chosen this race. Maybe because every time I have to check who actually won because it was so boring that I keep forgetting. I was watching and wondering who said that Valencia circuit will be the new Monaco.

I remember Felipe and Rob Smedley making out on the podium, that’s why I wasn’t surprised with this whole “Felipe, baby” in Malaysia.  

Belgian GP 2008

Felipe, the eventual winner qualified in second position. During the race he did not overtake anyone and lost one position, but received ten points in drivers standings. How?

After insults of loosing motivation for racing, Kimi finally had a chance to win. His fight with Hamilton was amazing. Then Lewis cut the chicane, but later gave Kimi ‘ position back. And here were different opinions.

Although Lewis gave the position back, he overtook Kimi again few seconds after. Kimi crashed, Lewis won, but was handed 25 second penalty. Personally, I agree with those who say that if he wouldn’t cut the chicane, he would never catch Kimi.


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