JR Smith Sets Knicks Record with 17 3-Point Attempts, Says He'll Keep Shooting

Adam Fromal@fromal09National NBA Featured ColumnistDecember 19, 2013

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Rest assured, New York Knicks fans. 

You were probably tossing and turning all night as you struggled to replace visions of ill-advised three-pointers against the Milwaukee Bucks with images of sheep jumping over fences, but J.R. Smith is promising that he'll keep shooting, as per BeyondtheBuzzer.com

During the double-overtime victory against Milwaukee, Smith scored 19 points on 7-of-23 shooting from the field. Somehow, he managed to set the Knicks franchise record with 17 attempts from beyond the arc, even though he only made five of them. 

His shot chart from Wednesday night isn't exactly a thing of beauty:


But fear not! Smith even says "damn" himself and is willing to keep lofting 'em up with such ridiculous frequency: 

Never change, J.R. Never change.

And he won't, according to B/R's Joe Flynn, who was pretty hard on New York after the monstrosity of a performance against Milwaukee:

Sure, Smith is oblivious. He is incorrigible. He is who he is and won't change. The responsibility then falls to the coaching staff to rein in Smith when he's missing shots at an unacceptable clip, particularly in the fourth quarter.

Good luck with that. 

Mike Woodson hasn't been able to rein in anyone this season, much less Smith. It seems as though all lessons have been forgotten, and the Twitter showing proves it. 

According to Basketball-Reference, it was the final three-point attempt that made the mercurial 2-guard the record-holder. Jamal Crawford, John Starks and Danilo Gallinari had all lofted up 16 triples before, but the 17th allowed Smith to break into uncharted territory. 

But perhaps he should focus on a better record now: nine

That would be the number of made three-pointers that currently sits as the standard-bearer for the Knicks organization. It's a mark shared by Starks, Carmelo Anthony, Latrell Sprewell (twice) and Toney Douglas, and New York surely wouldn't mind if J.R. added his name to the list. 

Well, unless it took him 29 shots to get there.