Formula 1's Latest Rumours and Talk: Why F1 Is 'Tinsel Town Bulls***' and More

Fraser Masefield@@fmasefieldContributor IDecember 19, 2013

Formula 1's Latest Rumours and Talk: Why F1 Is 'Tinsel Town Bulls***' and More

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    With the party season in full swing and Christmas less than a week away, not everyone is full of festive cheer, especially amongst the Formula One fraternity.

    In today’s latest rumours and talk, Lotus team boss Eric Boullier is unhappy about gossip surrounding his F1 future, Adrian Newey says the new regulations are in danger of stifling design creativity, and the ever controversial Eddie Irvine has slammed the double points system as “tinsel town bulls***.”

    It’s not all doom and gloom, though, with a certain Lotus driver happy with his lot at the moment. 

Boullier Fumes at Lotus Quit Rumours

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    Lotus team boss Eric Boullier has shot back angrily at rumours he is about to jump ship to Force India.

    According to, the rumours circulated recently on the internet before Boullier took to his Twitter account to set the matter straight.

    "I have never received any (other) offers and I have not resigned.”

    Boullier is also quoted on the German Speed Week website as saying the story came out of nowhere while he was fully engaged in Lotus’ preparations for next season. Per

    On the ground, everything was going quite normally.

    We were preparing for the 2014 season, I was rushing from one meeting to the next, with the days beginning early and finishing late. Every day at full throttle. And then came this story.

    It's not just that I had to defend myself to the outside, I had to get together my people in the factory and tell them that there's nothing to it. Rumours spread quickly in a racing car factory.

    But they should know that I'm still here and I'm not going anywhere.

Newey Warns of F1 Design Stagnation

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    Red Bull technical chief Adrian Newey says F1 is in danger of strangling the life out of technical innovation if regulations continue to tighten.

    Newey has been one of the leading lights of design and innovation over the years, and many see him as the main reason for Red Bull’s incredible success story.

    However, with new engine and aerodynamic regulations further limiting what teams are able to do in 2014—and a budget cap coming in 2015—Newey told Autosport that F1 is in danger of having its cars “designed by the rulebook.”

    I think it's part of the game and I don't mind investing and being knocked back.

    We were all of the view the f-duct was probably going to get banned at the end of the season and it seemed likely the double diffuser was going to get banned at the end of the subsequent season as well.

    You make a decision as to whether you want to invest heavily in pursuing that technology knowing it could be banned fairly quickly or whether you concentrate on other areas that will last longer.

    I think what's more of a shame is that most of these things when they're banned - the exhaust being a very good example - it's actually just further restrictions.

    That's a shame and a danger that if the regulations continue to become ever more restrictive we'll eventually get the point where the car's more or less designed by the rulebook.

    You'll then have, effectively, GP1 cars where the differentiators are the engine and the driver. For me, it's not Formula 1.

Mercedes Poaches Red Bull Engineers

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    Mercedes has strengthened their team in preparation to mount a title challenge in 2014 by hiring two of Red Bull Racing’s key members of staff.

    As reported in Autosport on Thursday, Mercedes have acquired head of vehicle dynamics Mark Ellis and chief engineer for simulation Giles Wood.

    Wood retains his current title for Mercedes whilst Ellis has become Mercedes’ performance director.

    The latest news will come as a blow to Red Bull after chief aerodynamicist Peter Prodromou agreed to join McLaren for the 2015 season.

Irvine Slams F1 as 'Tinsel Town Bulls***'

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    Former Ferrari driver Eddie Irvine has slammed F1’s latest rule changes as "tinsel town bulls***."

    The ever colourful and always controversial Ulsterman has gained a reputation for speaking his own mind, and he didn’t hold back when The Belfast Telegraph asked for his views on the latest rule change of awarding double points for the final race of the F1 season.

    It's ridiculous, I've never heard such a joke in all my life. Talk about tinsel town bulls***!

    I think Formula One has lost its way. This latest rule of double points for the last race is insanity. That actually made me realise I am not going to watch another race until that rule gets kicked out. That is just embarrassing. It really is. They should be ashamed of themselves.

    I just think the people involved in these decisions have lost the plot. They have no understanding of reality and the people who are in there have been in too long. They have blown up the history of the sport by changing the points, changing the qualifying and now double points for the final race!

I’m One of the Best, Says Grosjean

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    Romain Grosjean believes he is now amongst the very best drivers on the Formula One grid.

    The Frenchman gained a reputation as a crash-prone driver in 2012 with Mark Webber labelling him a “first-lap nutcase,” per The Telegraph.

    However, after a series of impressive drives in 2013—including four podiums in the final six races—Grosjean feels he is now amongst the best in the sport and is in a happy place.

    Per ESPNF1:

    I think I have proven that I am part of the best drivers and that's how I consider myself. It took some work and some painful time to get there, but I am now proud of what I am doing and I don't think I can do more.

    I was probably the one that was the most negative about myself. I hate not being able to do what I want to be able to do and it was hard. It wasn't nice to read those comments, but that was not what was worst, the worst was to not be happy with what you are doing. Right now I am glad because I'm very happy with what I am doing and it's always nice to be able to read those nice comments. But it's mainly with yourself that you need to be happy.