Report: WWE Looking to Change 'Total Divas' Cast, JoJo in Danger?

Sharon GlencrossContributor IDecember 18, 2013

JoJo has turned into an afterthought.
JoJo has turned into an afterthought.from

Could JoJo Offerman be replaced on the second season of E! reality show Total Divas? One report suggests this may be the case.

As Dave Meltzer notes in this week's (subscribers-only) Wrestling Observer Figure Four newsletter, WWE management is considering replacing one of the current cast members with another girl from the roster—and the marginalized JoJo would be the most obvious candidate:

There is talk of a talent change for season two of Total Divas where one of the women on the roster will be replacing another. Obviously if someone is dropped, it would be Jo Jo, who was phased out significantly in the final few episodes of the season.

He does, however, go on to note that it's not all doom and gloom for the 19-year-old:

What may save her is she did get a positive reaction from fans when she tagged in at the Survivor Series and on a Raw taping, so people who watch the show did notice her enough to like her.

Why has JoJo become such an afterthought on Total Divas?

Cameron, plenty of attitude. That's for sure.
Cameron, plenty of attitude. That's for sure.from

Truthfully, she doesn't come off as a particularly entertaining or compelling character.

Sure, JoJo seems like a nice, normal girl, but for a show built mainly on melodrama and hysterics, that just simply isn't enough.

For example, she doesn't have a fraction of Cameron's attitude or personality. Nor can she pull off being an icy, catty heel, as Eva Marie can.

A.J. Lee, next reality star?
A.J. Lee, next reality star?from

She's not nearly as likable and sympathetic as Natalya is. She doesn't have a zany, obnoxious boyfriend (like Cameron's man, Vinny) to serve as a comedy highlight, either.

Frankly, looking at some of the Divas who aren't on the show, it does feels like a wasted spot.

In fact, I have to believe that a Total Divas which featured A.J. Lee, Kaitlyn or even NXT's Paige would be infinitely more interesting than the current lineup. Lee, in particular, feels like someone who should absolutely be on the show.