Demar Derozan Best Fit With Raptors: What the Raptors Could Do V 2 .0

raunak singhContributor IMay 31, 2009

DeMar DeRozan

DeMar DeRozan states from



Although his numbers aren't that high he still is a great player excellent at driving to the basket he is a great fit with the Raptors because he is a versatile player and will fit perfectly with the coaching of Jay Triano and playing with Chris Bosh and Jose Calderon.

Another player that could have been a good pick for use would be Stephen curry, but in a recent interview he said that he would like to play in the NBA as a point guard.

We should acquire a second round draft pick and get a guy like Danny Green, who, a lot like Courtney Lee of the Orlando Magic, could be a great back up SG and SF. He has great range and is a great defensive player.


Danny Green

Danny Green stats from





Expect a big trade from Bryan calangalo if he wishes to keep Chris Bosh—which he should.

A good senerio for the Raps could be to acquire Tracy McGrady and give the Houston Rockets Shawn Marion and Jason Kapono because the Rockets are doing fine without him and the matrix would be a great fit with the Rockets.

The Rockets starting line up would be like this:





PG Brooks

Sawn Marion stats:                                        Tracy McGrady stats:

PPG RPG BPG                                                 PPG    RPG   3 Point %                    13    9     1                                                    15      4        .376

Salary2009: $17,810,000                               Salary2009: $20,370,437

Jason Kapono stats:

PPG RPG   3 point %

8     2      .428

2009: $5,784,480

Free agent signing/resigning/ release:

Carlos Delfino SG:sign

Joey Graham SF: sign

Jake Voskhukl:release

Nathan Jawai:D league or send him to the traing place in Vegas that Andrea went to.

Anthony Parker:Sign

Sign:Juan Carlos Navarro(great backup for Calderon)

Release: Markus banks

If the raptors listen to this then this is Toronto's team:

PG:Calderon(backup, Navarro,douby,roko)

SG:T-mac(backup, Parker,delfino)

SF:DeRozan(backup,Graham,danny Green)


C:Bargnani(backup,Patrik Obryant)


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