Eleven Degrees of LaTroy Hawkins: Sports Roundup

Paul McGuillicuddyAnalyst IApril 21, 2008

Yankee reliever, LaTroy Hawkins, recently learned a little about the value of a number. Wanting to honor his hero, Roberto Clemente, Hawkins chose to don the #21. Little did the 13-year veteran know how possessive the denizens of the Bronx can be. After hearing some boos and feeling some pressure from Derek Jeter and Mariano Riviera, Hawkins made a change. Turns out folks want the Yanks to retire #21 in honor of Paul O’Neill.

The Green Bay Packers know something about retiring jerseys. This fall the Pack will retire #4 to honor Brett Favre. Let’s hope this time he is retired for good.

Of course the Milwaukee Brewers know something about guys returning from retirement. Gabe Kapler, Salomon Torres, and Brian Shouse have all been out of baseball at one time or another. Now the three have the Brew Crew within one game of the NL Central lead. Somehow those guys have avoided pulled ‘hammys’ and strained calf muscles thus far.

On the topic of retiring - Steve McNair called it quits after 13 years - talking about a guy who put his body on the line every week.

13 is also the number of attempts and stolen bases that Red Sox rookie, Jacoby Ellsbury, has.

Frank Thomas went hitless for 13 at-bats, found himself benched, and now the future hall-of-famer is on the waiver wire. Thomas keeps some pretty lofty company: only four major leaguers (Mel Ott, ‘the Bambino‘, ‘Teddy Ballgame‘, and ‘the Big Hurt’) have the following: .300BA, at least 500 HRs, 1500 RBI, 1000, Runs scored, and at least 1500 walks.

One more than Thomas and Ellsbury’s 13 is the Pittsburgh Pirates’ Nate McLouth who has hit safely in 14 consecutive games.

15 is how many the Pistons led the 6ers before losing. Mo Cheeks! Mo Cheeks! Mo Cheeks!

15 is also how many the Spurs trailed the Suns at the start of the fourth quarter. Then Timmy Duncan nailed his first three-point attempt of the season to send the game to double overtime. Manu Ginobili did the rest.

The Philadelphia Flyers needed double overtime to dispense of the Washington Capitals in game four of their series. Man the ot woes continue for the Capitals. 21 years ago the Caps loss to Patty La La La La LaFontaine and the New York Islanders in 4 ots – ah the memories. Did I ever tell you my story about the night the Isles won in four overtimes?

21? Of course that’s Duncan’s number. But 22 years that’s how long Tom Glavine has played without going on the DL – that is until now.

Speaking of long games – Rockies and Padres played a 22-inning marathon. Game took a little over six hours and three ‘Take Me Out To The Ballgames’.

Oh yeah – LaTroy Hawkins? His new number? 22 – Wonder how he takes his B-12.