Why Michael Vick Does Not Deserve a Second Chance

Kevin PapaCorrespondent IMay 30, 2009

Sussex, VA - NOVEMBER 25:  Suspended Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick (C) leaves Surry County Circuit Court after entering a guilty plea on two felony counts connected to dog fighting on November 25, 2008 in Sussex, Virginia. Under a plea agreement, Vick, who is currently serving a term in prison for federal dog fighting charges, will serve one-year of probation for the state charges. He is scheduled to be released on July of 2009.  (Photo by Geoff Burke/Getty Images)

As the news of Michael Vick's inevitable return to the NFL commences, it has some fans saying "How long?"

It leaves others asking the integrity of any or all the national sports in America. With all the repeated and blatantly obvious steroid abuse that runs rampant in Bud Selig's nightmarish version of "America's Past time," many find a sport such as football to be a breath of fresh air.

Not anymore.

Michael Vick, after serving 23 MONTHS of a three year sentence (because of good behaviour, go figure), was charged with a few offenses, including leading a major dog fighting ring, is only waiting for the perfect opportunity to return to the sport he does not belong in. Roger Goodell is still "deciding" if he will allow Vick to be reinstated, only after searching Vick's heart and soul for the answer. So with Goodell playing God, it is only a matter of time before this abomination is allowed a privilege few are rewarded with.

It is a privilege to be a player in a professional sport, where the contracts are big and the fame is widespread.

But Michael Vick is one player who should be barred from this sport forever. Someone who can conduct such a heinous crime, only to get a reduced sentence just for being a celebrity, and has the audacity to say he has found "God" in the process of the trial hearings? Maybe Vick should pray to his respective God to thank him for the reward of enormous talent he had and bright future he once had.

This former player is a joke, and should stay just that. A former player. Some players deserve second chances, but not when that player decides to kill for the mere fun of watching a torturous, demeaning activity so he can get his entertainment for the day.

Goodell, word to the wise, tell Vick he has no chance of ever donning an NFL uniform ever again, and maybe he will migrate to Canada and play in the CFL. At least he won't be destroying any other American sports.