The Junior Nation Chronicles Part Two (Dover International Speedway)

Adam HeasleyCorrespondent IMay 30, 2009

As NASCAR enters Dover, what we all expected to happen has happened. Tony Eury Jr. was removed from atop the No. 88 team's pit box in hopes of turning around a disappointing season.

Now I'm not going to get into it considering that just about every NASCAR writer here on Bleacher Report has written about. But what I will get into is a Dover race that is sure to be exciting and have many story lines.

Will Earnhardt see success for the first time this year? Will Jeff Gordon drive to the front in a back up car? An will Kryle Busch end up eating his words on HMS and Earnhardt?

Yes, that's right—I wrote "Kryle," because he is always crying about something.

As Sunday inches closer, I'm pumping myself up for this race. What are some ways I'm doing that you might ask?

It started on Thursday when I heard the news of Eury Jr. being removed. It's weird—I almost feel more confident that Eury Jr. is not calling the shots. But nonetheless, I am.

I started by watching a video on Youtube that was dedicated to Earnhardt Jr., accompanied by the song "So Far Away," by Staind.

It sent chills down my back seeing all of Earnhardt's success through his first five years in the Sprint Cup Series.

After that, I posted an Earnhardt Jr. background on my Myspace to show my devotion to Junior Nation.

Also to pump my spirits up for Sunday's race, I have been listening to a song by the raper Fabolous called "It's My Time." The first three or so lines seem like they were written especially for Earnhardt this season.

Here is a short excerpt from the beginning of the song:

"The past is the past you know. Can't worry about the past, that's yesterday. It's a new day bro. I'ma put it on the line cuz its my time. Gotta stay on the grind cuz its my time."

Also to pump myself up, I'm going into Sunday with a good attitude and confidence that this can be the beginning of a turn around.

From all of Junior Nation, we cheer for you to turn things around and get back to your winning ways.