The Three Most Respected Sports in the World

Svyato Rovenchuk@TorontosClassicSenior Writer IMay 30, 2009

Welcome to my biggest project to date. This world is filled with many sports. Some are highly respected by the sports world and some get ridiculed.

Remember, where I rank them is not my opinion, but the world's opinion. For example, I'm a big pro wrestling fan, but the world might disagree, so the sport might not make it onto the list.

Anyway, here come the Three Most Respected Sports in the world.


Other Top Respected Sports

Before we start this list I would like to send out and honorable mention to basketball and baseball, who just missed the list. Anyway, here we go!


3. Soccer


Is anyone surprised that Soccer is on this list. It is the highest played sport in all the world. It's a game where anyone can play. All you have to do is now how to run, kick, and get around people.

Since the sport is enjoyed by almost all, I do think it deserves a spot here. It's a game you can play in your backyard, it's a game you can play at school, it's also a game you can create other mini-games out of. It's basically "fun" as the pre-school kids say.

Now time to turn to the big leagues. In the professional sports world soccer is also one of the favourite sports. Most of the natural born athlete's out there decide to try to make it to the world of soccer because it's honestly the easiest. Just ask them.

Soccer right now is being highly promoted by one man. His name is Cristiano Ronaldo. Not saying he's the only one because there are a lot of other people that promote the game very well including Ricardo Kaka. But, in the end, most people look to Ronaldo and not him. Not because Ronaldo is better, but because he is on a bigger franchise.

I mean, you rather talk about a guy who's team made the Champion's League Final and not a guy who's team finished somewhere near the bottom of the Italian League. Luckily Kaka might be on his way out of AC Milan so maybe he can go somewhere bigger.

Right Now I think Cristiano Ronaldo is the face of soccer for many reasons: 1. Because the girls love him for his looks; 2. Because he can actually play; 3. Because he gets so much media attention.

A good percent of readers probably have Ronaldo jerseys, unless they're a Chelsea or Liverpool fan. He is also fun to hate. Like in my case I absolutely hate the guy, but the reason for that is because he is too big in my opinion. And there it is. I hate the guy, but it's fun to hate him (weird).

Right now I'd say the biggest league in soccer is definitely the Barclay's English Premier League. They have three of the biggest clubs out there (Chelsea FC, Liverpool, Manchester United). And every year to see these three teams battle it out for who will have the Barclay's Premier League title. Now that's just epic, even if, in the end, Manchester United gets it.

Some day I do think it will be Chelsea's or Liverpool's time to shine. They come close every year, with like a three-point difference between the first and second seat with the third not too far away, either. There are other amazing leagues too, but they just can't top this one.

Right now I think this sport belongs to a few countries. This sport used to be all Brazil's, but that has changed. Brazil has really slowed down over the years. Spain has recently stepped up their game in the world stage, as well as Germany and Italy (despite them already being amazing at the world stage).

I personally don't think there is a king of the world for soccer, but, if I had to pick, I think I'd say Italy because they really know how to get their way (if you know what I mean).

Basically, soccer is really respected in the sport's world, but not the most respected so that means it comes in at No. 3!


2. Hockey


"Welcome to the Crosby Show, Canada. I guess you can say he's good."

"Ovechkin moving in, he fires shoots and scores! Ovechkin rides again!"

If you're a hockey fan, you know that, without these two, hockey wouldn't be as big as it is right now. People either know the NHL for Alexander Ovechkin or Sidney Crosby. They're two of the most exciting players in the league for years. Sidney Crosby reminds us all of a young Wayne Gretzky. While Ovechkin is the leagues most exciting player when it comes to the offensive end.

Crosby is an amazing overall player. He has good defensive skills and good offensive skills. They're not as good as Ove's (offensive skills), but they're good. Crosby plays on one of the best teams in the NHL, the Pittsburgh Penguins. I mean a team with the likes of Malkin, Fleury, Kuntiz, and Crosby himself; How can't you be good?

When you think of the term "Offensive Threat" you automatically think of the man himself, Alexander Ovechkin! Ovechkin is the most dynamic offensive player since The Great One himself. Not too long ago he broke the Pavel Bure's record for most goals by a LW in a single season. He has also taken a great step to better his game. He has learned to pass(lol). For Ove it used to be all shot, no pass, but now he doesn't always take the shot now he actually passes to his line mates.

The rivalry between these two has really made this sport, the sport to watch. It doesn't matter where you live or if you're a hockey fan or not you know these two names.

Recently the NHL's dreams came true when the Washington Capitals met the Pittsburgh Penguins in the playoffs. In the end it was Ovechkin going home and Crosby going on. Which eventually led to a dream final of Detroit vs. Pittsburgh for the second straight year. Like I said a dream come true for the NHL.

The game of hockey has really developed popularity. This was usually only entertaining if you were from a country such as Canada, Russia, Finland, Sweden, etc. Now it's become a sport the world wants to see!

The game of hockey is pretty simple if your a kid. You just learn to skate and then try your best.

When you're a pro athlete you gotta know how to stick handle, hit, deke, shoot, pass, and much more. Right now I think the Stanley Cup is one of the most well-known trophies in the sports world. Let's finish this off with one last statement. If hockey's respect and popularity keeps growing, soon it'll be No. 1 on the list.


There are plenty of sports out there, but I just think out of all those this No. 1 is the most respected...

1. Football


Here is your No. 1! It's the game of brute strength, football. To play this you have to be strong, fast, have good hand-eye coordination, and more (really depends on what position you play).

The most respected position in football has got be the quarterback, obviously and the NFL has some great ones! Some of those are, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Donovan McNabb and others. The QB of football is like the playmaker of basketball. He basically makes everything happen. To be a QB though you gotta have a wicked arm. But now too wicked or it'll go to far and your receiver won't catch it.

My favourite QB in the NFL right now is probably Tom Brady. Despite a lot of people hating him and calling him the Sidney Crosby of football(the wining part and the everyone hates him because girls go like "OMG OMG OMG, he's so hot"). Brady is a great passer; he can get his passes wherever he wants. His team couldn't be them without him. You even saw last season, when he was out they didn't make the playoffs, despite a strong performance (11-5).

Another very important position is the wide receiver. The WR is the guy most of the passes got to. He is the man that is suppose to get it done when he gets the ball. Some of the best NFL WRs include Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, Lary Fitzgerald, and more. A WR has gotta have good hands so he can catch the ball. Being strong wouldn't hurt either for those situations where you need to shove the guy away or when you have to help get another guy open by blocking his man.

Personally my favourite WR is Randy Moss. I know it's obvious I'm a Patriots fan. It's just Randy Moss has hands like no one else. You always see him making the big grab when no one expected it. With the kinds of players New England has I can't believe they didn't make the playoffs last year, even if they didn't have Brady.

There are a lot of important positions in football, but I think those are the two most important. There's also defensive end and running back—those are pretty important, too.

In my opinion the Super Bowl is probably the most well known game around the world! It's one that all people like to watch. I swear after this year's Super Bowl my whole class was talking about it, girls and guys (of course, I was defending Arizona and saying it was a fluke because I hate the Steelers).

Football is really big in this world, but I don't think their spot is secure. A lot of other sports are quickly gaining popularity and with popularity comes respect so Football better watch out for sports like hockey and basketball because they're the sports that will give them the run for their money.

Also since it's football and not NFL I'll make a quick look at the CFL. Despite having only 8 teams it is still a great league. Last season my team the Stamps finally proved their dominance over the CFL by winning the Grey Cup. With Burris getting MVP. So as you can see it doesn't matter on the size of the league.

So anyway, here is the most respected sport, Football!