A Look Back At The Anticipated Arrival

Bobby ReaganSenior Analyst IIFebruary 21, 2017

Matt Wieters is here.

He also went 0-4 in his first major league game. I offer this quick tidbit for those who have already started yelling flop at Wieters.

In these Hall of Famers first major league game they went as followed: in 1967 Johnny Bench 0-3, in 1969 Carlton Fisk went 0-4, in 1974 Gary Carter went 0-4 and in 1992 Craig Biggio went 0-2.

Not bad company in Wieters' case.

While his performance and the game in general, was overshadowed by Luke Scott's two homerun, 5 RBI performance, there is plenty for O's fans to smile about when it comes to Wieters.

He called a brilliant game from behind the plate leading Brad Bergesen to eight innings pitched, seven hits and two earned runs in Baltimore's 7-2 victory over the Tigers.

Wieters also showed his defensive awareness when he was tested by Josh Anderson in the game's first at-bat. Anderson laid down a bunt, in which Wieters quickly jumped out of his stance and gunned down Anderson at first.

I also offer this piece of reassurance to O's fans across the nation: Wieters was hitting .305 in AAA ball before being called up and was injured for a few games. He has won a ton of awards in the minor league level, so there is no reason to fret.

There was also the nerves factor in last nights game—something you could see in Wieters' swing. He was swinging for the fences almost every pitch, trying to satisfy the crowd. The 40,000-plus in attendance was on their feet every pitch for Wieters, who has been called everything from Baltimore's Savior to a switch-hitting Jesus.

I truly believe Wieters is the answer the O's are looking for behind the plate, and one game is nothing to judge off of. He will be fine and by the end of the year, he will not look like a rookie one bit.