Canada Olympic Trials 2014 Curling: Names to Know After Qualifying Process

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Canada Olympic Trials 2014 Curling: Names to Know After Qualifying Process
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There are certain events every four years that capture the attention of the sports world with a combination of national pride and pure intrigue and curiosity. It’s part of what makes the Olympics so memorable. 

While archery was the sport that did just that in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, curling could capture the attention of many in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Canada should send one of the stronger teams to the event now that its qualifying trials are in the rearview mirror.

Let’s look at some of the marquee names on the roster to know following the Tim Hortons Roar of the Rings (the Olympic trials for Canada’s curling team).

Jennifer Jones

Jennifer Jones is the skip of the Canadian women’s curling team, and she will be traveling to her first Olympics after defeating Sherry Middaugh 8-4 at the Roar of the Rings.

The magnitude of the moment was not lost on Jones, as she explained to Kyle Jahns and the official web site of Canada curling:

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You dream of it since you’re a little kid and we’ve had many dreams come true, but this is so rare—this opportunity. Our dreams came true today in the most amazing way. It’s unbelievable. 

If Jones can score multiple three-enders at the Olympics like she did at the Roar of the Rings, her Canadian team should be in good shape. By scoring aggressively early, Jones would be able to play more conservatively with a defensive game plan on the way to victory.

Brad Jacobs

It’s been an impressive stretch for skip Brad Jacobs and his curling team. After taking home the Tim Hortons Brier, he knocked off John Morris 7-4 at the Roar of the Rings and clinched a spot in the Sochi Olympics in the process.

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Jacobs not only earned the right to compete in the Olympics at the trials but also made history. He went undefeated in the round robin as well, which made his team the only men’s or women’s squad to go unblemished at a Canadian Olympic Curling Trials event. 

If Jacobs can continue his dominance in Sochi, a medal is certainly not out of the question.

Tom Coulterman

Will Canada bring home any gold medals in the curling events?

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Tom Coulterman is the coach of Jacobs and the Canadian men’s curling team bound for the Olympics, and it will fall on his shoulders to ensure that the squad maintains its high level of play.

Jacobs and his team have been incredibly accurate lately, which is a primary reason why they won the Tim Hortons Brier and the Olympic Trials at the Roar of the Rings. Whatever Coulterman has been doing at practice is clearly working.

Sticking to the course could be enough to take home a coveted medal in 2014.