Jose Manuel Pinto and Footballers with Hidden Musical Talent

Ryan Bailey@ryanjaybaileyFeatured ColumnistDecember 13, 2013

Jose Manuel Pinto and Footballers with Hidden Musical Talent

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    It is generally perceived that professional footballers spend their downtime sleeping, playing Xbox or getting themselves into trouble in nightclubs. Some, however, like to channel their energy into playing a musical instrument.

    One such player is Barcelona goalkeeper Jose Manuel Pinto, who has revealed himself to be an accomplished piano player via a series of YouTube videos. The Blaugrana star leads our list of footballers with hidden musical talent... 

Jose Manuel Pinto

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    Jose Manuel Pinto has uploaded several piano clips to YouTube. He Tweeted out his most recent one this week, with an accompanying message:

    "For those unaware I play (or rather learn to play) piano. Cheers!"

    The Barca shot-stopper is also partial to hip hop, having created a beat with Eric Abidal and Spanish rapper Sefyu earlier this year.   

Sergio Ramos

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    Real Madrid star Sergio Ramos has been showing us glimpses of his singing and guitar expertise for years now.

    In October, he made a surprise appearance on Spanish TV show El Hormiguero to serenade girlfriend Pilar Rubio with a flamenco ditty, while dressed like Mumford and Sons' Iberian cousin. How romantic.   

Petr Cech

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    During a November edition of BBC lunchtime show Football Focus, it transpired that Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech had struck up an unlikely friendship with Queen drummer Roger Taylor.

    The two met on a flight and immediately hit it off over their mutual love of banging things to make loud noises.

    Cech is an occasional member of popular Czech band Eddie Stoilow. As you can see from this clip, however, he needn't give up the day job just yet.   

Wojciech Szczesny

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    Arsenal's Wojciech Szczesny has a busy schedule of training and generally being hilarious, but he makes time to tinkle the ivories. Here he is giving a rendition of "Halo" by Beyonce, giving himself a hearty clap for his efforts at the conclusion. 

    The Polish keeper has also used his piano skills for trolling purposes, publishing a version of "O When The Saints Go Marching In" on his Facebook page shortly after the Gunners beat Tottenham in a North London derby.

    The melody is often chanted with the words "We won the league at White Hart Lane" by Arsenal fans, in reference to the 2004 match when they clinched the title in their neighbour's back yard.  

Tomas Rosicky

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    Arsenal colleague Tomas Rosicky has spent a reasonable chunk of his career nursing an injury, giving him ample time to hone his guitar skills.

    Rosicky has played with Czech punk band Tri Sestry ("Three Sisters") on several occasions and has professed his love for metal music. His quests to get Metallica played in the dressing room, however, have thus far been unsucessful.  


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    Tottenham midfielder Sandro is madder than a box of frogs, but he has somehow remain focused enough to become a proficient guitarist and singer. 

    There are many clips of the Brazilian and his six string floating around YouTube, and he has a surprisingly good singing voice. Perhaps a second career beckons? 

NOT Mario Balotelli

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    Mario Balotelli may be a lot of things, but sadly he is not an accomplished piano player.

    A clip circulated around the web over the summer of the Italian striker serenading Andrea Pirlo's beard. However, it appears to be fake—note his hoodie, which is completely unzipped once the camera pans passed Pirlo to show you Super Mario's hands.  


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