Parodies: My Favourite FA Cup Moment

David JacobsCorrespondent IMay 30, 2009

Just ahead of the FA Cup Final today, here I am with my absolute final parody for this season (lucky for you). The roundtable article we were supposed to have hasn't materialised, mainly due to my short notice.

This parody is what would have been on the roundtable article as my contribution. It's one of the funniest FA Cup Moments because it was just so unique.

It was not a great goal, a fight with a ref, a bad foul, a nudist on the pitch or even a non-league team lifting the cup.

It was a balloon that cost Manchester City the FA Cup in 2008 against Sheffield United. A whole cluster of balloons arrived on the pitch and a stray white balloon resembling the football got kicked instead as it floated in front of the entire Man City backline, leaving Sheffield United to tap the ball in and go on to win 3-1.

Admittedly I was stuck for a parody to write regarding FA Cup moments, but inspiration arrived when I watched the following youtube video:

One of the comments was a parody of a verse from the song (and it should be obvious now) - "99 Red Balloons" by Nena.

I have to give thanks to this user for the inspiration to write the whole thing.

I have just found out that his account is suspended, but hey,
just covering myself.

So here it is, "99 BLUE Balloons"

Barry Hatch in the little toy shop
Bought a thousand balloons with the money he's got.
Set them free in the Eastlands dawn
'Til one by one, they floated on.
When all those balloons departed,
Nothing was done. The match had started.
Dropping from the Eastlands sky,
99 blue balloons go by.

99 blue balloons
Floating on a football pitch.
Cross came in.
Poor Michael Ball
Could not see
The ball at all.
That's when this match sprung to life.
Michael Ball had closed one eye.
Mark Hughes breaks down,
Starts to cry
As 99 blue balloons go by.

99 FA Cups.
99 complete f*ck-ups.
To worry worry, super scurry.
Transfer brazilians in a hurry.
This is what they were waiting for.
Ban balloons now. This is war.
Manager's job is on the line
As 99 blue balloons go by.

99 dots in the air.
Cascading to that pitch down there.
Sheffield United thank those heroes.
Brought Man City's rep to zero.
Everyone identified
The problem, angry and eagle-eyed,
Floating in the Eastlands sky,
99 blue balloons go by.

99 blue balloons go by...

99 cups they have had.
In every one, some blue balloons.
Chances over, don't look pretty.
It's annoyed all of Man City.
The only means of souvenir
Is not the Cup, it's never here...
And here is a blue balloon.
I think of that and let it go...