Mr. Pérez! There's No Time to Waste

Khalid KhanCorrespondent IMay 30, 2009

Following the pull-out of all the candidates, Florentino Pérez now seems to be the President-Apparent of Real Madrid, surely to become officially so on June 1 without any need for an election.

Obviously Mr. Pérez has done his homework on his support staff and also list of probables for the job of Head Coach and players to purchase and sell for the next season.

After a dismal current campaign and winning no silverware, perhaps coupled with the fact the arch-rivals Barcelona has done so greatly in every competition contested, Mr. Pérez will have to move swiftly to guide the club on a future course that will revive its fortunes and also appeal to the fans and reassure them for the next season.

If the media is to be believed, then Manuel Pellegrini is the front-runner for the coach. He is a good coach and has proved himself at Villarreal FC but for me he does not seem to be a Real Madrid guy.

Club administration style will stifle his coaching abilities. He is not suited to handle the politics and practices of Real Madrid, where coaches are not given much freedom and in the event of failure, the coach takes the fall, or in case of victory, presidents claim all success as solely their own.

Jose Mourinho might have done well in this respect but now that he has signed an extension on his contract with Inter Milan, he can be counted out.

Since Arsene Wenger for the same reasons as Pellegrini, in all likelihood, will not be accepting the job, Carlo Ancelotti may well be the signing.

Florentino Pérez will also have to promptly go after prioritized buys. He is tight-lipped about which players to buy or sell so far, but rumor mill has it that Dutch players, or at the most of them, will be shown the door.

This will be a gross mistake, because especially Sneider, Huntelaar, Van Der Vaart, and Robben are excellent players. Robben can be accused of being injury-prone and sometimes selfish in front of the goal but he has speed and skill.

No sooner has talk of Christiano Ronaldo died that again his name is being mentioned with Real Madrid after the Champions League final. It is not understandable as to why some people are fixated on this guy.

He is good but also extremely expensive and not to mention temperamental. Do not buy him because he is not worth insane amount of money.

If the club does not succeed in buying Franck Ribery, as there will be strong competition from other clubs, then David Silva would be a good signing. I can also think of Juan Mata.

Though a complete replacement of the practices in the club’s administration would be a false hope, he might be bringing some quick-fixes which may or may not be good for the club in the long run. Let us wait and see!