The Whirlwind of One Bills Fan's Emotions on the Signing of Terrell Owens

Matt KetelsenContributor IMay 30, 2009

Everybody remembers where they were and what they were doing on the tragic day of Sept. 11, 2001. For the generation ahead of me, the same can be said for the assassination of JFK.

While those events were beyond horrible, I am just using that as an analogy for the day I found out my beloved Bills signed T.O., or as Skip Bayless would say, "Team Obliterator."

Now, of course, this is old news by now, and we are all awaiting what will come of this deal. Let me start off by saying I have always loathed T.O.

I hate players, or people in general, that are just completely full of themselves. I think we all know he fits that category.

I was sitting at home watching TV recovering from a broken ankle I suffered in a car accident. Totaled car and ankle aside, one of my buddies called to see what I had to say about the Bills signing Owens.

I hadn't heard of it yet. I thought he was joking. What? The Bills signing someone like him? No way. I turn to ESPN News and sure enough, it happened. My week was just getting better and better!

The first thing I thought was, "Oh my God, I have to root for this guy now." I mean, lets say we are down by 4 with 2 seconds left in the game and Trent Edwards throws a deep ball to Owens for the touch and the win.

I have to cheer, right?

That's my team and we just won.(Hypothetically of course). I had to hang up the phone. I was stunned. I don't want to root for this egomaniac.

The next thing I thought was we have Trent Edwards coming into only his second full season as our starter. There already is a lot of pressure on him, and all I could think of is Jeff Garcia, Donovan McNabb, and Tony Romo. How did all that work out? 'Nuff said.

Then I got to thinking...okay, calm down Matt. It's only a one-year deal. I have a hard time believing he will want to stay in Buffalo for more than one year.

The spotlight is not big enough for him here. I truly believe this will be his quietest year he's ever had.

You know he wants that big contract next year. You know he wants to try to make this one year stint, VH-1 and all, look like he's finally matured and changed his ways.

All that being said, he is still a dominant receiver. He's averaged nearly 75 yards a game for his career, with 139 career TD's. We FINALLY have a receiver to compliment Lee Evans.

In my biased opinion we have one of the best backfields in the league. Although, pending his appeal, we will be without Marshawn Lynch for the first three games, we still have highly underrated fan favorite Fred Jackson and picked up Dominick Rhodes in the off-season.

While it's too early to say what I'm about to say, I'm really liking the Bills fourth-round pick TE Shawn Nelson. He can stretch the field and has great hands. Not to mention Josh Reed whom I love in the slot. 

So go ahead and double up T.O and/or Evans. The Bills have plenty of other offensive weapons. (I am nervous about the O-line though, especially Edwards blind side, moving Langston Walker to LT)

I feel like I'm digressing. All in all, the Owens deal has grown on me. Hell, Bills fans are almost willing to digest anything that will turn into wins, being nine years removed from the playoffs.

It's desperation time. I might not like Owens as a human being, but as the shock wears off, I just might like him on my team.

For one year that is. I'm sure he'll play his butt off this year. No one has ever questioned his work ethic, especially in a contract year.

Like I previously mentioned, I'm sure he'll be off to a bigger market and brighter spotlights next year. But screw it. Let's see what happens. I'm more upbeat about this season than I have been in awhile.

Now, let's just hope Dick Jauron doesn't screw everything up with his famous brain farts when it comes to play calling. I'm sure every Bills fans remember that J.P Losman bootleg play last year against the Jets, in which he fumbled of course.

All the while Lynch was averaging 5 yards a carry and there was just over two minutes left in the game and all they had to do was run out the clock. But we lost.

So to sum it all up I'm going to embrace T.O the player, not the person, and see just how far we can get. There is no question in my mind, he will help this team this year.

If he had been inked to a four-year deal, however...well...then I would have just wished that that car accident knocked me into a coma for four years. Now lets go Buff-a-lo!!!